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WOOT! November 6, 2009

Okay, it's no secret I'm a HYOOGE NaNoWriMo fangirl. You might be getting a little sick of hearing about it, perhaps. (Sorry!)

And maybe it's true that I have a tiny intellectual crush on its creator, Chris Baty. Okay, with a glass of cheap plonk in my hand, I might have admitted that to him at certain past parties, and then run away, blushing to my roots. (You buying that intellectual part? Lala totally buys it, but then again, I'm very patient with her crush on Kelly Hogan. We're good that way.)

So when he agreed to blog for us over at PensFatales? I'm bustin' with happiness, folks. Please come visit and drop a comment, will you?


I have a huge crush on Kelly Hogan, too!!! Now, I need to find out who this Chris Baty person is....

my husband is very patient with my crush on Kelly Hogan...he is not above using it for his own motives

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