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Best. Video. Ever. December 5, 2009

It crossed my mind that you might not have seen the best music video ever. Somehow, I had missed seeing it, and I'm not sure how that happened. I liked the song a lot when it came out -- I liked its drive and homage to Queen (with its surprising lack of irony; I'm not even sure that homage the is intentional). But when my sister Bethany showed me this recently, saying it was the best video ever, I was dubious. We Herrons are exaggerators. Makes life fun, you know.

BUT IT IS. When thinking about conflict, both internal and external, and character motivation, and OMG THE ROMANCE plus hand to hand combat? Martha Flynn, who knows from this kind of thing, will have to agree, this is the best music video ever:

I suggest clicking over to YouTube and watching full screen, volume up. The picture quality ain't great, but oh, man. I have a theory that Muse formed their band solely for the purpose of writing this song so that they could make this video in order to be holograms within it. I'm not even joking the slightest bit. 

(Oh, how fun: High quality version (and explicit!) can be found at the director's website. Sweet.)


You inspired me to post a little best video ever of my own!

My husband and I started watching this and he said, "Kung fu cowboys with laser guns? Ok, I'm in." Great video. And it only got better and better.

I am so tickled by this post - I love Muse! And I've never seen this video - so fun. I sometimes think I'm the only one who gets them... but clearly great minds think alike! :)

That was totally random. I'm not going to go so far as to agree with your "best video ever" label, but it certainly was interesting.

I love Muse :-) their new album -The Resistance - is great and they are supposed to be fabulous live

I'm glad you clarified best music video in your post, because I'm pretty sure you opening your ARC is the best video ever.

Janine, they ARE fabulous live! They played a couple of shows on the U2 tour (which is why we ended up buying exorbitantly priced tickets) and totally held their own with those Irish rapscallions. They're going on another tour in March, this time headlining, and I can't wait. SO MUCH FUN. There's a reason they're one of the most downloaded bands all over the world (except America, WTF).

Also, I'd not seen that video somehow, and it has completely rocked my world.

Duder. Thriller has nothing on that that. Who's the blonde, I wonder?

I didn't know people still made music videos! This one is "Firefly" through and through. Yay!

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