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PrisencolinensinainciusolDecember 25, 2009

I love Adriano Celentano. I first heard him in while eating dinner alone in a Venetian restaurant, looking out at the rain. A gorgeous voice sang overhead on the speakers, and I had to ask who it was. I remember my waiter was amused -- I think it was the equivalent of asking who Frank Sinatra was while eating in a Brooklyn diner. Celentano's been around FOREVER, and I think some of his stuff is sexy as hell, and this song, while it's not really one of his sexiest, per se, is one of my favorites. And on this working Christmas, grumpy from lack of sleep and a ripped-off finger-nail (thank you, sneak-attack locker), it's exactly what I need.

It's his version of psuedo-English, gently mocking, and just think about this: it's 1973! This is SO cutting edge for the times. This is pre-rap, people. He was making this up.

And if you need subtitles for his bad English, you can get them here. Heh.

Merry Happy Whatnot!

*Oh! I am also cheered by the thought of one my many wonderful presents I got from Lala last night -- my vibrating mascara.

** Just found this: the brilliant Sasha Frere-Jones wrote about this video last year.

*** Even though I miss my family and traditions like sisters jumping on my head with stockings to open and stollen to eat and dads playing mandolins until someone puts the Beatles on the stereo and I completely fucking lose it (OH THE HOLIDAYS) , I do love my job and my coworkers. I'm very lucky and I know it. Yay. And tonight my brother- and sister-in-law and the baby will come over and Lala is making dinner, so there will be a family Christmas. I will not miss it all.


A happy day, to you, and Lala and Clara and all your dear ones. I used to do volunteer ambulance duty as an EMT, and my parents did for thirty years or so, so I know how it is to cover holidays, weekends and whatnot. The people need the help, and so we do. Happy 2010.

Thank goodness for folks like you that help keep the rest of us safe on the holidays!!

we had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of tacos last night, but my family is humoring my need to be more laid back this year than normal - DD and I are watching Daniel Craig as 007 right now, and we'll go have a simple dinner later. Here's hoping 2010 is kinder

Cheers from me too! As a wife of a fire fighter I too know the working holidays and appreciate those who are there for us. (SO nice when he is home as he was this year though! A real treat.)

Sorry to hear you missing your Mom but hoping the holiday season brings joy from those near and dear to you. The holidays can be hard without those we so love.

All the best to you, Lala and your family in 2010 :)

That video is AMAZONG! Thanks for sharing and happy Christmas to you and Lala :)

Belated Merry Christmas, Rachael! and a Happy New Year, too. May the year ahead bring you all that you and Lala dream...

This was fantastic! I watched it once, admiring the Rocky-Horror feel and wicked dance moves, while not understanding a lick of what he was singing. Then I watched it with the subtitled lyrics and laughed my arse off. :) Very good! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Have you ever listened to Zucchero? He is like the Italian bon jovi (or at least bono) not crooning and swooning.. but if you ever went to a Zucchero concert the women do swoon. I went to a concert a few months ago.. it was like going to an italian wedding. So. much. fun!

oh my he is just *dirty* hot, isn't he.

fanning self.

awesome video.. weird in a hip kinda way.. like it tho.

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