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Random Thoughts and Some Confusion About DatesDecember 28, 2009

1.We got home later than normal, so Clara the border collie ate faster than normal, and now she's walking around the house burping. It's really pretty funny.

2. We got home late because we went to Alcatraz! I've been twice in two months! I seriously dig that place. Lala had never been, even though she's lived in the Bay Area for seventeen years. La Brainy Alison was in town and already had the night tour planned, so we attached ourselves. It's really the best tour in town, I think -- creepy and interesting and well-run and worth the high price tag. The night tour is better than the day tour. Highly recommended.

3. My tummy hurts a little from all the food I put into it at Cha-cha-cha in the Mission. Mmmm. Caribbean tapas. Potatoes and jerk chicken and mushrooms and platanos.

4. I can't even imagine doing yoga tomorrow with this belly full of food right now. (I typoed toga instead of yoga. I can imagine doing toga. That's about all I can imagine doing. But hello, yoga, I need you. And perhaps a run or two.)

5. My desk is covered with edits. I can barely find my computer right now, and the book is almost all I think about. I'm on deadline, so if I'm a little quiet for a few weeks, forgive me. I'll be back!

6. Oh! Speaking of that! Alison said I should mention that How to Knit a Love Song is not only available for preorder here in the States (which you knew), but also in Canada now (which you might not have known).

7. And those of you Down Under, did you know that my book will be available under a different title in Australia and New Zealand? It's callled Eliza's Gift, and it's got a whole different look, and you can actually read it earlier, too -- I JUST REALIZED I'll be an actual real-live published author on 1-3-2010, according to that site. Excuse me, that's next week. OH HOLY CRAP! Can we just ignore everything else I typed up there? I'm GOING TO BE PUBLISHED IN A WEEK! Nothing else matters!

8. AND JUST THAT FAST - NO, I'm NOT! I just realized that I read the site's publication date wrong. 1/3/10 means March 1st, 2010. So it comes out in Australia a day before it comes out here in America. DANG IT. I was so excited for a minute. I raced into the kitchen and did this excited Almost Published crazy dance routine, only it wasn't a dance routine, it was more of a bug-eyed worried what-now look. It must have looked quite odd.

9. Heh. That was a funny range of emotions to have in the span of three minutes.

10. Time for bed! Night!


And posts like this are among the many reasons I adore you, Rachel! Happy new year!

That's great news about the Australian release! I've preordered the US version, but I'll make sure to buy the Australian one, as well - gotta make sure Australian publishers know there's an enthusiastic market :-)

Speaking of markets, your Australian cover signals that your book fits in to what is seen here as a popular 'genre' - I don't think there's an official name for it, but I call them 'woman on the land' books. My books get marketed in a similar way; other Australian authors include Fleur McDonald, Fiona Palmer, Rachel Treasure. They're rarely described as 'romance' - Australian publishing mostly still equates 'romance' with Mills & Boon/Harlequin, and they assume the reading public does, too. To some extent, they're right, but there are more romance readers out there than they think!

Anyway, it's interesting that Random House have given your book a 'woman on the land' type cover - it's probably a very good choice in terms of getting readers to pick it up off the shelf!

All the best for a wonderful 2010 to you and Lala and all the fluffy family :-)

Okay I just pre-ordered it! I can't wait.

Goodluck with book sales. Can't wait to read it.

Every time I think you cannot possibly get any cuter, seriously. I hope one day we're able to hang out because I think you'd be one of the best, most fun friends ever.

Well Aussies do have the int'l date line advantage.

I must concur that Alcatraz is the best tour in SF, though I understand Hangar One gives tours....burp.

Sleep well!

oh crap! i teared up on #7 then, through my tears, i almost choked up on #8! I can totally picture that!

Tis available in UK too beginning of March, though we don't get the gal in a stetson which is a shame:0)
It can be pre-ordered here too!

Will there be a book tour,Wales via Venice for the European leg sounds pretty good...

Girl, you are going to wear yourself out. Does all this book pregnancy foretell financial independence? Just wondering as I will start my Namo re-write on 1/1. Just wonderin'

Congratulations. And thanks for the Aussie info. Very much looking to posting a +++ review. Notknittingsox.

You know I've never been to Alcatraz even though I was born in SF and grew up in the Bay Area! :)

Can't wait to see your book in person.

Can you hear my shawl calling to you? Hee. Lace is difficult to resist. :)


I love your blog and can't wait to get your book - just preordered it!

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