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How to Sew a Button GiveawayDecember 2, 2009


I have the coolest giveaway this month. Have you seen this book?


How to Sew a Button: And Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew

Erin is DARLING, and I love her site, and I think Erin's book and my book would be friends in the bookstore. How to Sew a Button and How to Knit a Love Song. Okay, so they're shelved pretty far apart, but I think at some point, they'll end up together. Maybe on an endcap in the bookstore called Really Great Titles We Think You'll Love.

Anyway, she's giving me one! To give to you! All you have to do is sign up to be on my mailing list! I haven't even sent one of those bad boys out yet, so you'll notice I don't spam (or share names, never fear). If you're already on the list, you're automatically in the drawing. (If you're not sure, you can double check by re-signing up -- it'll let you know.) 

I'll do the drawing on Thursday, so that if you sadly do not win, you can still order your copies in time to give them to friends for Christmas (because honestly, how great is this book?). And how cute is Erin?

(Disclaimer: I did not know Erin before Twitter. But I claim her as a Twitter-friend now, so I will pimp her book. God bless Twitter, amen.)

ALSO, in fun news:

My book has been picked as a Night Owl Top Pick, AND my release date has been moved up to March 2nd, which you would already know, if you had preordered my book at Amazon. Of course, you might be planning on supporting your local independent book retailer. Yay! (But preorder online sales can be very good for me. I'm just saying. And I'm available for preorder now. Or you can shop IndieBound for a local store near you! That is all.)

And now I'm going Christmas shopping online. I refuse to leave the house today if I can help it. Mwah!


Love it. ALL of it!

I just subscribed to Erin's blog too. I lurves me some old-fashioned, back to basics smarts.

Did my xmas shopping before 7 a.m. today...before any chance of nosey munchkins popping into my office and seeing what I was doing. Three cheers for the Internet, which I think is important new-fashioned, basic smarts. :-)

What an adorable book that looks--must have!

Is your book going to be available on Kindle? Please? I love my Kindle!!

That was super cute. Part of me wants to put on some red lipstick and go out right now, but the rest of me is inventorying pajamas and gathering up cats and books.

That Erin is tres cute!

Darling Rachael, I need some awesome San Francisco recs! What is your favorite eats? Something you wish you could tell every visitor they MUST see? Hidden places that I could never find on my own? I'll be there 25 Dec-1 Jan. Halp meeeee!

I'm super excited that your book release got moved up! But still a little sad that it won't be in time for Stitches.

Both books look great. Congrats to you both!

I just pre-ordered your book! :D :D

Yay! I just pre-ordered your book!

cari sent me over and let me tell you, a knitting romance novel is right up my alley, looking forward to the book. and maybe winning this button one...going to the mailing list now. :)

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