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UOAAD!December 11, 2009

It's Unofficially Official Agent Appreciation Day!

Okay, it's a brand new holiday, but I want to celebrate it in style, and since I have the best agent in the whole world, Susanna Einstein, I want to tell you how awesome she is.

1. She believes in me.

When I'm at the bottom, on the floor of my office, crying and thinking that no one has ever written worse prose in the whole wide world and that I should probably move to Borneo, she just tells me not to worry. She tells me the book I'm editing is good, and that it will be amazing. And Susanna doesn't pull punches, so when she tells me something, I believe her. I trust her. If Susanna believes it, I can believe it, too.

2. She responds to me.

This is bigger than it sounds. I hear horror stories from friends about agents (and these are good agents, supposedly) who take hours, or days, or WEEKS to return emails or phone calls. Yesterday I sent Susanna a worried question via email. I got a return response within minutes. And it was a no-nonsense, put-on-your-big-girl-pants response. So I put on my big-girl pants, called my editor, asked my question, and got the BEST ANSWER, and it was all due to Susanna being smart and responsive as hell.

3. She is funny and smart and awesome and pretty and great.

I just like hanging out with her. Period. She's good people.

4. She understands the rules.

I had a question the other day about subrights. I thought I'd figured it out, and posited my theory to her. Her answer blew me out of the water, and made me think OH MY GOD, NO ONE SHOULD TRY TO NAVIGATE THESE WATERS ALONE. No one. I can't believe that people try.

5. When we celebrate, she buys me champagne.


I am so, so, so, so lucky to have her in my corner. Happy UOAAD, Susanna!


I can attest that Susanna IS, in fact, the bomb! Best. Agent. Ever. I penned a post about her awesomeness in November (not that I was ahead of the curve, I was just trying to practice a little gratitude in advance of Thanksgiving), and I had many of the same things to say about her ruleage.


Yay for Susanna!!

And she's cute! I know, so shallow.

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