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Whoa. December 18, 2009

You know how I wrote that blog about how I found about Santa? Well, my sister Bethany wrote a response to it, about how she found out.

And I am killed. The twiddlebugs! I'd forgotten about them. Really, you should go read it.

Wiping tears...


well, dang, girl. now i'm wiping *my* eyes and it's not from laughter.

thanks for the great stories :)

I did. I'm teary-eyed and trying to hold back the urge to sob. Maybe I shouldn't. Beautiful!

See,I'm the opposite. I'm jewish, and from the time I was a little kid I knew there wasn't a Santa Claus (but I mustn't say so to my non-jewish friends). At least that's what I thought until I was 17, spending Christmas break from college with the family of a high-school friend, because we had moved to California in the middle of high school and I was in college back East. There were presents for everyone, labeled "from Santa Claus." Of course it helped that my friend's father's first name and middle initial was "Sanborn C.", but at that point I learned that there really was a Santa Claus -- all right, not with the beard and red suit, but a real spirit of generosity throughout the world at this season.

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