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BIG NEWSJanuary 19, 2010

I HAVE A LAUNCH PARTY DATE, and you should mark your calendars if you're going to be anywhere near the area, because you're invited. YES, YOU! 

Oh, yowza! It's going to be MY LAUNCH PARTY, and OHMYGOD, have we been waiting for this, or what?

March 16th! TUESDAY! 

Bookshop West Portal, San Francisco. Time to be announced, keep your eye right here.

Will you drop a comment or email me if you think you might make it? I'd like to keep a (rough) headcount so I know how much cheese and crackers to buy.

And DUDES! There's going to be a kick-off at that party for a raffle giveaway that is SO COOL (that ALL y'all will be able to get in on afterward, whether you're there or not, don't worry), so you don't want to miss it if you can help it.


And hey, other places I'll be that I know about so far:

May 1st, Romantic Times, Columbus, OH

July 31st, RWA, Nashville, TN

I'm hoping for Rhinebeck or maybe even a pop-in at Maryland, but I can't say that either of those will happen. (But wouldn't it be cool if they did?)

And does anyone live in/near Boise? We're planning on coming through at the end of March to see the in-laws, and it would be great to set up a reading there... Hmmm?



How exciting! I think I can make it as long as hubby's schedule doesn't change. :) Can't wait!

I am trying for the Columbus event! Columbus ho! Columbus or bust! Columbus and ... eh, that's all I got.

I will be there! And a Devin, probably. And I bet I could get my friend Tasha out to her beloved West Puddle.

I'll be there, possibly with my parents in tow. They'll probably be into a knitting-themed romance novel, right?

Wouldn't miss it!!!

Oh, how I wish I were going to be in the Bay Area that day (or anytime soon, really, but I digress)! Best of luck, and I'll watch eagerly to see if you're going to be anywhere near me. So that I can go to your reading and tell people I know the author.

Congrats on the partay!

Hmmm... you may have a monkeyface eel in attendance... or maybe even two!

Congratulations! Partay!!

That is so wonderful, wish I could be there to celebrate with you. I am very happy for you. I look forward to seeing you one day in San Diego.

How bout Denver (the Tattered Cover- indy book store- in Highland's Ranch is next to a yarn shop) or Colorado Springs (the Barnes and Noble is where one of my knit grps meets every Monday morning and we have 4 nice LYSs in town including Table Rock Llamas where the Tues grp meets)? I'll pick you up at the airport and even give you a bed complete with a friendly dog and cat.

Love it! That's one of my favorite bookstores! West Portal Ave is where Alec and I spent many hours in the indolent youth of our romance. Our proven recipe for an evening in love: gorge yourself on Roti's flavorful Indian curries or Bursa's succulent kebabs, wander hand-in-hand to the Empire theatre for an independent film, then hope to catch desert at Spiazzo.
I wish I could make it to your party, but my responsibilities at the yarn store prevent me. Congratulations!

I am SO there! The day before the Big Green Party! Woot!

Go you! Alternately, waah! I was counting on you being at MDS&W! Especially since, so far, I can't get to any of your other places. :( But still, yay, wahoo! Have a great time at your BOOK PARTY!!!

Count me in!

Don't forget I live just outside DC if you get to come out here and you and Lala are invited to stay with me if you want!

Cool. My neighborhood. Myself and at least one of my Daughters should be able to make it. I can't wait.

You should swing by Seattle on your way to Idaho!!! I would totally go to a reading! :)

Rhinebeck! I'll be there with 'How to Knit a Love Song" in hand! Goody, goody. I'll get to meet Digit's (et al) mom!


Come to Toronto! (But I suggest it be sometime between April and October - trust me - our winter's aren't that pretty).

Waaaa! Won't be back in the U.S. until sometime in April. Still hope to see you when I'm in the Bay Area, though you're a famous writer now and it's going to be harder than ever to catch up with you. Go girl!

You're coming to COLUMBUS?! Yay! No one ever comes to Columbus!!!

Yay!!!!! Would LOVE to be there, and might be able to pull it off.
Maybe.....Regardless, YAY Rachael!

Coooooommmmmme to Seeaaaatllllle.
Too bad Madrona is two weeks before your book comes out. Next year?

East Coast Tour, baby...your room is ready, the menu is being planned, I can set up two, count 'em, two readings for you: One at the Farm in the Hayloft, and possibley one at Sheep to shore....

Oh hey, you know what's a cool place to visit? London. London's nice. Have you heard about this Knit Nation thing? Sounds fun, no? ;-)

CONGRATS!! So exciting! Come to Philly!!!

Hurray for a launch party date! And since it's walking distance from my house, I have no excuse not to be there.

I'm waiting for the UK dates!

Yay - I'll definitely plan on being there! Congratulations!

I second the vote for Maryland. And of course I'll be in Nashville. Need an assistant for the big signing?

I'm in Boise! What do you need?

Does it say you'll be in Columbus, OH??!!! That's my hometown! I can't wait! Congratulations on the review! You are correct about reviews, only read the good ones - those are the most important!

Great. Like 16 days after I leave town. We shall have to have our own little partay when I'm there.

Oh wow, I wish I could be there! Congrats. West Portal is where Thea Gray teaches knitting. How fitting!

Oh boy - come to Rhinebeck OR MDS&W - I've sworn I'm going to both this year, damnit, and I'd so love to meet you in person.

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