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Nameless OneJanuary 8, 2010

Lala got a dog.

I know. I can hear you from here. But I have a border collie and four cats. She has a chihuahua. Doesn't seem quite fair, does it? She'd been looking for a great dane, so I tell you what, when she saw this little charmer, I was all over it. NOT A GREAT DANE.

Miss Idaho, the tropical chihuahua-bird, looks over Lala's shoulder at the new addition: 


We think she's a pit bull/beagle mix, and she's the sweetest, most gentle little thing. I think she might have a little boxer in her, too, but it's hard to tell. She doesn't seem to mind the cats or show much interest in them at all (even though Digit has boxed her ears twice now -- she just looked confused and sad), and she wants to be on a lap and cuddle all the time.


She is SO cute we can't stand it.


Waylon and the Nameless One, getting acquainted.

No name yet! Lala takes these things seriously! I'm one of those people who thinks hard and fast, and comes up with names in under ten minutes. Maybe fifteen. Lala takes days. It's driving me CRAZY, I tell you.


But I'll admit she's good at naming, so it'll be worth waiting for. Good dog.


Yay another dog! Congrats, she looks like a sweetie. It's funny about the pets-to-person balance, in July I came home with a mostly Basenji boy. So now we are a four dog (and many cat) family. Sometimes you just have to have one more to make things right.

Because, Waylon.

OMG What a Sweetie Bird! That face!!

My old girl passed away about the same time as Harriet, and we were going to wait until spring to adopt again. Yeah, that didn't last. Before Christmas we adopted a beagle I named Cash. He was at the county shelter, so he was Cash and carry :) Everyone can benefit from some extra Cash.

Does she snore? That really is the most important part. I love snoring dogs. It tells me everything is right in the world.

Congratulations on your new Family Member!!

It took me three days to name my surprise-stray-in-my-room and Messenger is perfect for him!

That is a cute dog!

I think my teensy dog needs a buddy.

I'm usually a lot faster at coming up with names than David, but he is really good at it. I would never have given Cougar that name, but one of the conditions of bringing him home was that David got to do the naming. Turns out the name fits his personality perfectly.

She's adorable! What a nice addition to your family... :)

bless your sweet dog-saving hearts!

When we got our dog we spent the two-hour car ride back home brainstorming names. And when the right one came up we knew it right away. I am sure Lala will hear her name correctly.

And your right, she is totally adorable! Although a little big for most laps.

I love her!

Look at all those smooshable faces in one home!

How about a soft, gentle name like Etta; like Etta James or etta girl. Oh, that's atta . . .

Though, Etta is a difficult name to shout and that's sometimes handy at the park.

It takes us weeks to name pets and it's always good when they come with.

I love, love, love that photo with Miss Idaho peering over Lala's shoulder. Love it!! The Nameless One is adorable. Good luck with the naming -- can't wait for it!

she's gorgeous!

Awe! How cute. It does look like a beagle/pitbull mix.

I agree with your breed guess - pit/beagle was my first thought too. Lala will be glad she got a mixed breed - IMHO, having had both mixed breeds and registered purebreds the mixed breeds are physically more robust. She's adorable and sure to fit right in with your happy household.

What a cutiepuppylovey! How old is the pup?

Our Roxie is a pit/lab/beagle mix (we think. She was a shelter dog, rescued from a basement fighting operation, so you know how those things go...). There are pics on my Flickr if you're looking for some breed comparison and detective-ing.

What a SWEETIE!!!!

What a dear face your new doggie has! I feel so happy when I hear about lovely adoption stories like this one. If you and Lala are lucky, she has enough Beagle in her so that she bays instead of barks. There is nothing more joyful, triumphant and purely life-affirming than the sound of a Beagle baying. Thanks for sharing your wonderful animal-loving household with us lurkers!

Awww, what a hunny bunny! As a four-dog, three-cat, one-son family, I love all your pets like crazy. If we had a bigger house, we'd have more pets.

Good luck to Lala with the naming. I totally get "taking time to let her tell you her name" thing. I'm just glad we had nine months to choose our son's name.


What a darling face on poor little no-name slob!

Oh now that you mention it, I totally see beagle/boxer. Which is too bad, because I had a whole string of "Pit bulls are bad, they commit [long list of increasingly unlikely crimes]" that I was going to torment Lala with.

To settle this, I demand that you purchase one of the dog DNA testing kits! You can buy them on Amazon. I just think they're neat.

We adopted a large mixed breed dog in October, after our Shar pei died in May. She is the NICEST dog. I don't know what she is-- they said lab and border collie, but she's as big as a Swiss Mtn. dog, so I've decided that's what she is-- or a Heisenburg (for the uncertainty principle). Anyway-- the people at the pound were delighted that she has a home. I'd put in a photo but I don't know how. There are pictures on Facebook-- Necia

Her name is Penny. I don't know why, but she's also Penny'sfromheaven, Pennycandy, and other such tags.

She's adorable. I understand about the sad/confused look when kitties box ears. Logan sports that look often. He does not get that chasing/happy-nub-wag/barking-in-joy does not make the kitties more inclined to be friendly.

Can't wait to hear what Lala ends up naming her. I understand - it took 2 seconds to name my first cat, 3 days to name the second, and about 2 weeks to name the third.

whatever her name ends up, she is a VERY LUCKY PUP!

There's a weird little 'gotta get another dog' virus in the air this week. My co-worker is succumbing to a terrier and I'm thinking a lot about King Charles spaniels.

Miss Oregon? Miss Washington? No, that's not it. We'll wait for the master namer to come up with the ultimate name. The newest girl is seriously cute btw! Congratulations.

Congratulations on the new pup - she looks a cutie!

I was looking at "Nameless One" and thought "NO" for short, but no dog should that for a name...even if every dog *thinks* it's name is "No!" sometimes.
Looking forward to Lala's choice.

She reminds me a little of my Dot - who is a red beagle. Best of luck with her...she really lucked out when she hooked Lala (and you).

hmmm. My comment from Twitter didn't come through. My husband suggests 'Bugle' for a pit/beagle. Our Swiss mtn.? mix is the best dog ever-- I think she might have some pit, too-- similar face. She is Penny, although mebbe should be dollar, as she is very large. AKA PennyCandy, Penny'sfromHeaven, and etc.

YAY Chez Hee Hoo Household....Lucky Dog!
4 cats? Digit, Waylon, Willie and ? Who am I missing! I am currently down a dog,,,Ernesto Juarez moved on to the Big Doggie Cassa in the Sky one month ago...always looking for his replacement, whats a home without 4 dogs and 4 cats?

Congrats! She's a beauty.

what a little lovebug- such a cutie! Enjoy her, whatever her name is! she's lucky to join your pack and find such a loving home! congrats!

Congrats Nameless One. No matter what happened earlier in your life, it was worth it cuz you just struck GOLD!

Can't wait for the naming ceremony.

She looks like a great dog-- good facial expressions. Congratulations!!!

I can tell even at this distance that Miss Nameless is all about LOVE-- giving and receiving. Lucky family all around, so glad to see this level of happy at Chez Hehu.

Super Cute!! Congrats!

I am a non-comment person, but as soon as I saw that face I thought "Lily". That should be her name.

she is such a sweetheart. I can't wait to see what Lala names her, and watch her become a part of your happy home. hugs to you all!

Awwwww, what a sweetie! Cuddle Cuddle Cuddle She's got those big eyes... Good thing Miss Idaho's a shoulder dog. Might be enough room on the lap.

Strangely enough, Saturday my husband went up to Richmond to pick up some more chickens. He came home with three and a dog. !! From a friend's family, losing their house, so can't keep their doggies. Poor little(big) Docker (say that in Spanish) is now at our house and a little lonely. He's got one of those big T rex faces, so I'm thinking pit and maybe a bit else. He howled mournfully and quietly his first night with us. And now I've written a long story in your comments.


CONGRATULATIONS! What a sweetie. Always so wonderful when another joins the family.

I am currently pining for a border collie as 1, I work from home. 2 would love an ACTIVE dog 3. have the adoption urge. Most women crave babies. Me? A dog...

Hubby and sis telling me I am insane to pine over a Border Collie but hey, they are supposed to be the smartest of dogs and I NEED an partner/excuse to get out there daily.

Rachael your thoughts on border collies and how demanding they are? Thanks :))

Brandy? Bailey?

I am with Lala, takes time to name a dog and get it just right :)

Her name is Dixie!

I am totally in love with her already.

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