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Be NiceFebruary 2, 2010

When in doubt, be nice.

Isn't that all it comes down to? In just about everything? Just be nice. If someone asks you for help, and you can give it, give it. If you can't, you can't. But if you can, do. And ask for help yourself, when you need it (preferably before you really, really need it -- I always forget that part and end up asking a little too late. Hysteria never helps).

A reader just asked if I had an extra ball of yarn from an old project and then was surprised when I said yes and that I would mail it off to her (that is, if it IS the right ball of yarn -- the ball band is lost forever. Here's hoping). But why not? She can't possibly know the times that Ye Olde Blogge has come through for me and mine, in so many ways, in so many shapes, in so many forms. Just from people Being Nice.

Isn't it lovely?

Speaking of help received from people, the cat is still not trapped in Becca's trap, by the way. I think old damaged Julius Of The Block must have gone on to his next life. Wah. I hope it was quick. I pour some coffee out for the homey and give Willie a kiss. Digit sends a growl.

Today, I'm hoping it stays clear because I have a yen to get down the coast for some beach walking and some clam chowder. Yesterday, I had one of those fine, fine days where everything just worked. I got my taxes done (hooray! refund coming!), and then a surprise coffee with Pen Martha who gave me a writing idea like none before, then a working "nap" during which I figured out a trouble spot in Book Three (I don't like to take breaks between books -- I get bored). Then we went to the City and Lala's band (For Fear the Hearts of Men are Failing) played on Pirate Cat Radio, which was great fun (they're playing at the Plough and Stars on Saturday night! You should go even though I won't be there!), and then we got burritos and went home and watched You've Got Mail, which Lala had never seen. 

Just a great, nice day. From start to finish, tip to tail.  

Yay. I plan on having another one of those today. Yep. You have one too, okay?


I always hope for nice, in me first and then in everyone else. And speaking of nice, I hope that if I ever really get to go to your favorite city in Italy you will give me all the special "dont miss" tips...now that would be nice.

Life would run a lot smoother if people were nice. I'm looking forward to a nicer evening surrounded by helpful karate people who manage to improve your technique without making you feel dumb for doing it wrong.

Something that might make you smile, a kakapo has been appointed to the NZ government as "spokesbird for conservation"

Though of you when I saw that one.

I have a small chalkboard near my front door that I see everyday before I leave the house...since early January it simply says 'Be Kind'...a good thought and small reminder that, as you say, when in doubt: be nice.

Wow, I just checked out Lala's band on their page and listened to their songs. They sound GREAT!! No chance they're coming to GA on tour? Cuz I would totally go see them...

And yeah... be nice. It's the most important policy.

Amen, amen, amen. That's all I have to say.

At first I thought how on earth could a walk on the beach be part of a good day in this weather? And then I figured out that you must live somewhere quite warm, while I live somewhere quite cold. I hope you enjoy your walk on the beach!

I wondered if you had caught poor old Julius yet -- poor old guy. I was hoping for another cat miracle, I guess! And I watched You've Got Mail a couple weekends ago - I had forgotten how much I liked it, even if it is based on a man lying to a woman. I guess Tom Hanks is pretty forgivable! ;-)

I definitely believe in "what goes around comes around" and you were very nice to me when I first considered blogging. You took the time to write a very nice informative email... and nearly 6 years later, I'm still blogging. Thanks for taking the time to be nice. I hope that yarn ball works for your reader.

Nice is good and how I try to live my life :) Nice is Nice.

You've Got Mail makes me cry at the end every time..

It's because you ARE nice... may you always receive nice as well.

I'm sorry to read about poor old Julius. I had the same dilemma once... again, a big orange Tom. I tried notto name him and ended up naming him Big Orange Kitty. He must have been a house cat at one time as he let me pet him and he would purrrrr. I was getting my cat used to the idea of him... then I was going to have him fixed and adopt him... when one day he limped up to me leaving a trail of bleeding weeping paw flesh behind him. The Vet said he'd probably jumped up on a still hot car engine... he couldn't be neutered, couldn't even be tested for disease, until he'd had surgery for the paws. He'd need to be cast and kept inside and immobile for weeks. There was no guarantee that he'd recover. He was half wild still and I had no way to keep him inside...
I cried for so long. Still do sometimes (like now).
Bless you for trying...

Listen to you! "I don't like to take breaks between books.." just like an old hand!!! Does Lala call you "the Author" now ? Congrats!!

I think that is the best, shortest motto I have heard in a while.

When Lala plays, if there are computer radio links, could you post them? It would be fun to be able to listen.

Nice is good. :)

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