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BIG NEWSFebruary 11, 2010

Such news I have for you. Where do I start? Oh, all right, I'll just dive right in.

Big Thing #1: Guess who chose How to Knit a Love Song as a Breakout book for April?

Wait for it....


I'm gonna be in Target! That's right! Boutique Tarjay! DUDE! That's HYOOGE!

I remember, when I first got the book deal, I was wandering the aisles of Target with Lala and I picked up a book and said longingly, "I wonder if I'll ever be here...." I thought maybe, if I ever sold enough books, if I ever did well enough, someday I might break into the sacred aisles located between electronics and toys. But instead, they picked me out of the blue. Why? I have no idea. (It might have everything to do with the fact that it's a GREAT COVER. I love my cover. Thanks, marketing and art department!) But oh, my god! Target! I'm walking on air.


Big Thing #2: (of interest to SoCal residents)

I'm going to be reading with Crazy Aunt Purl! March 21st, 2pm, at the Knitter's Studio. Won't that be a hoot? Seriously. I think we'll have a blast, and if you're anywhere in the vicinity, you should come, because we'll tear it up. Either that or we'll both get stage fright and take off and go suitcase shopping together. But I think we'll give a good show.

What, you can't make it to LA? There are other things scheduled!

First,, no matter where you live, I'll be on the radio (listen live via the magic of the internets!) on Book Club Girl on March 17th, 7pm EST.

And then, LOOK AT ALL THIS! (I can hardly believe it myself. This is crazy weird, people. It's not me. I'm going to blush so hard it hurts. I'm blushing looking at it.)

Saturday March 6th - 3:30pm
Caps Restaurant, 144 Oak St, Brentwood, CA   
No reading, just a signing with other fabulous authors.

Tuesday March 16th   7pm
***  LAUNCH PARTY! ***
Bookshop West Portal, 80 West Portal Ave., San Francisco, CA

Sunday March 21nd   2pm
Knitter's Studio, 8118 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA
Special appearance with CRAZY AUNT PURL!

Saturday May 1st  11-2
Romantic Times Giant Book Fair ($5 cover)
Hyatt Regency, Columbus OH
SO MANY AUTHORS at this signing! OMG. You will be amazed.

Wednesday July 28th   5:30-7:30
RWA National Literary Signing
Gaylord Opryland Hotel, Nashville TN
Also, SO MANY AUTHORS. I will be a tiny little fish in a big pond. Come by.


Woot! You go, girl! Hmm...roundtrip tickets to LA are only $78. Yarnagogo + CrazyAuntPurl + some wine = mightily tempting!

Yay, so cool! And you're right, it's a very nice cover. Congrats!

That's fantastic!

Nuts! I'm going to miss your signings and reading in March! I won't be in the Bay area until April and there is nothing for April...oh well at least I can listen to the radio!

Wow! Congrats -- that is huge! Don't know how much say you have in the matter but it would be great to see you at Yarns at the Adobe or Novel Experience here in SLO.

Squee! Target rocks!

And hello, how about an East Coast leg of the book tour??? You know we have this little yarn shop you might have heard of called Webs... Please, please, please?!?

Target! That's AWESOME! That's beyond awesome. I think someone read your book and liked it - but the great cover helps.

Next up - Oprah's book club?

OMG, so awesome!

You so totally rock! (line stolen from Finding Nemo)
When are you coming to Canada??!!

I can't be with you in body but will certainly be there in spirit.
Act like a turtle and bask in the glory. You deserve it.

Fantastic news! So pleased for you :)

I'm super happy for you! And glad we have a solid start time for the SF reading, I'm off to round up a posse of knitters.

I haven't been here in a while and WOW! I feel so proud of you and we've never even met. I WISH I could be in LA for that reading. Target - you're IN bay-bee!

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! So very pleased for you! Go, Writer Woman, go!!!

Wow, Rachel, that's HUGE news! I'm so excited for you!

Yay for Target! See? Just let me know when the offers come in for movie options. I can say "I told you so!"

Congratulations on reaching a milestone you set for yourself! It's been such a pleasure to witness the journey you've been on from submitting the manuscript all the way through to this fantastic news. Best wishes.

OMG - That is SOOOooooo cool. Congratulations.

I am so happy for you!!! Congrats -that is super exciting!!! I will certainly look for it in my Target, but I'll be buying it one day one on my Kindle!! Please think about doing an East Coast tour for your fans out here xoxoox

So awesome! You are doing great things! I am so glad to call you a pal, even if it is just the interwebs.

You just totally rock. Big time. :)

That is So. Freaking. Cool.

Rachael, I'm so proud of you I could burst . . .

And I will be able to say "I read her way back when..." :) You rock! So happy for your deserved success!

Rachael, I am so so so very proud of you! You have worked so extremely hard for this and you deserve every reward that will continue to come your way. I love ya lots girl and I am a proud friend indeed. MWAH!

P.S. CANNOT wait for the S.F. Party! Whoo-Hoo!!!

Congrats Rach! I hope to see you at a book signing one day. The Opryland Hotel is amazing! Hurray for you!


Oooooohh!!! So much exciting stuff! Was Digit suitably impressed by the Target news?

I am slightly disappointed....No east coast dates. Columbus OH on My 1st is close, but not close enough. May 1st and 2nd is Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival weekend and I had really hoped you could be there!! Ah well, there will be other opportunites!

Enjoy it all. I can't wait to see the photos and read the reports from the events.


Fabulous news!

Your book will be in Target! I'm happy for you. I know from reading a lot of book blogs that many readers buy their books from places like WalMart and Target rather than Amazon or traditional bookstores. This will give your book a lot of exposure.

damn girl. i'm so proud of you :)

i'm really looking forward to getting my copy (which i pre-ordered on amazon!). it's been so much fun watching you take this journey!

This is sooooooooo exciting!!

Around here, we call it "Chez Tarjay, Our Favo-right French Coo-tee-air."

Holy shit, gurl, you goin on TOUR!!! That is so hot. I just walked by a bookmobile and thought to myself, "that would be so dope to tour in a bookmobile bus." Are you gonna?! And dude, TARGET?! It's too good! Yes! So. Happy. MWAH!

I am so excited for you! Please come to Philly, pleasepleaseplease? I'd love to meet you - you're the sweetest person I've never met!

Can I even tell you how excited I am...I have marked my calendar and am counting the days (after I count the days until my girl comes home from college) until I get to meet my 2 fav authors.

Hey Sweets! Can I come to CAPS on the 6th? It's right around the corner from my house :).

Thank the Goddess that it ain't Wal-Mart! congratulations!

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