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Home is Where the Heart IsFebruary 19, 2010

The beginning of the week was outstanding. Disneyland was amazing -- the perfect place to go and BE. You just have to live in the moment at Disneyland, and we did. We had the best time. Rode all the rides. Ate all the food. Laughed and screamed and did everything right. I talked Lala into riding the Tower of Terror, and I think it was the most fun ride I've ever been on. (It's an elevator ride that keeps dropping, over and over. She hated it, though, and gets points for going on it at all, and I'll never make her do it again.)

She hadn't been in thirty-four years. She was in the first group of people to ride Space Mountain. It was high-time she went again. And it was flipping awesome.


But so far today I've been laid up by either a migraine or some sickness some kid gave me in Disneyland (cute little things, but little germ factories, all gathered together in one place like that), Miss Idaho's butt has exploded (anal-gland problem -- she's at the vet now), the cops have been at the door asking about the fight on the street they were two hours too late to break up, Clementine has pooped in the dining room, and I've received bad news on the phone that I don't really want to talk about (nothing big, just disappointing -- I'll get over it). 

But I'm glad to be home.

Now, here's something nice someone I like is doing for others. The very talented Rosemary is selling her gorgeous Brandywine pattern for a great cause. She wants to sell 10,000 patterns to raise $50,000 to help Haiti (that's a LOT OF PATTERNS). She's already donated more than $2000 $3,500!! so she's on her way. Click HERE to help!

Bwinebig1 Bwinebig2


So glad you had a great time! Hope you feel better very very soon.

Thank you for posting about Brandywine! I'm about to send off another $500 and that bring my total up to :drumroll: $3,500! SO! EXCITED! Knitters are awesome. :)

I LOVE rationalizing getting a pretty pattern by saying it is for charity. ;-)

If it's this soon, it's probably food-related, not contagion. Glad you had a good time. How is Clementine working out (apart from pooping in the house.....)

Thanks for the Brandywine pattern shout-out. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise; I went ahead and bought one. Nice pic of the two of you, btw.

What an odd homecoming. But home is good, despite oddness.

(We had a garbage guy - with Waste Management, not the folks going through for recyclables - knock on the door the other night needing money to take the bus down to BART. True? Eh, who knows, who cares. 4 bucks ain't a thing. But odd.) (Better than the cops knocking on the door)

Last time I went on Tower of Terror, during the first drop, someone grabbed my arm, scaring the crap out of me. It was the scared little (maybe 12 years old) girl sitting next to me. I asked her if she wanted to hold hands and she said yes. So we joined hands and she didn't let go of me until we had to disembark. It's funny how a little random thing like that can be so memorable, and your post reminded me of it. Thank you.

Oooh, how pretty! When I have some $$ on hand I will definitely purchase it. Sorry for the un-fun-ness...they do sometimes stack on top of each other. Hopefully that means you've got 'em out of the way for a while.

What a bummer after so much fun! It's weird how regular life comes bouncing back. Now off to look at that pattern...

Hope you are all better esp you and Miss Idaho. Can't help thinking it might have been the Disneyland food; it was the only fly in the ointment when we were there (on a long ago birthday) - couldn't find anything we wanted to eat. (But did of course, with no ill effects.) Foreigners eh?

Hey, I may have been at DisneyWorld with Lala 34 years ago! I won a trip when my girl scout troop went to D-Land waaaaaay back then. They had just opened the park... it wasn't even completed. What fun!
Not fun... exploding butts. Yikes for Miss Idaho!

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