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EventfulFebruary 25, 2010

It's just been one of those really eventful days. One of those days that sneaks up on you, and acts all quiet, and moves like a normal day but isn't -- you know the kind. I went to work and answered 911 and looked at email and talked to coworkers and it SHOULD have been a normal day, but it wasn't. It was special.

Good things are happening in book world. Nothing completely momentous (I would tell you), and nothing that I can really blog about, but good things.

But I'm a BLURB. A real blurb. I got this book in the mail today, and when I turned it over, I'M ON THE BACK COVER AS A BLURB. I've never been quoted before. Are they sure they got the right gal? I'm right there with superstars Annie Modesitt and Clara Parkes. Come on, really, I know from knitting, but only from a trotting horse. I think I forgot to tell Adrienne that. I'll be reviewing her book later next month, but if you want to take a sneak peek, hie yourself over to Amazon now, because I loved this book.

I worked a really short shift today, only eight hours, and then went to the doctor for a routine visit, and then got to go into San Francisco, where we attended a schmancy art opening (they let us in! We saw people we knew and didn't know they would be there!) and got to see Lala's old roommate, Rachel Maddow.


(Lala was wearing the glasses first. But Rachel M was perhaps Lala's first (of MANY) Rach(a)els, near and far. There was some talk of how I was the Saudi Arabia of Rachels, and she was the Afghanistan, but I kind of stopped following that line of reasoning when my ass hit her HER GIRLFRIEND'S ARTWORK on the wall (Susan Mikula -- it was her opening). I was taking that photo and tried to act as if I hadn't almost taken out some of the Important Art.)

This lovely reunion was followed by Laphroig at the Westin, and a discussion about a great interview Lala had today (please think good thoughts!). I do love a hotel bar. I swear I saw an earnest looking young guy in a suit get out a dog collar and place it carefully next to the bar lamp, so I was watching to see who met up with him but we left before his date arrived, damn it.

Then home for TJ's pizza, and now I'm off to bed, exhausted and happy. Tomorrow is Stitches West, and I'll be there all weekend. Catch me if you can! xoxo


I love that between you two you know EVERYONE! Ain't the bay area fine?!

Yay for your day (sending good luck thoughts to Lala and the job - maybe it's 'Great New Job News' week out here). And Yay for Stitches! I'll be there this morning, then all day Saturday and maybe more. See you there!

Seriously? Her old roommate was the hottest of hot Rachel Maddow? Or am I being gullible again bc I have a tendency to be that way.

Rachel Maddow? So freaking jealous.

What fun! Congrats on getting the book in hand and in stores, and on the blurb!!!

OMG, I *have* to read that book! I knitted Tudor Roses (and won Grand Champion with it at our state fair because it really is that big of a deal type sweater). I hope it comes out on Kindle...

Good luck and tons of best wishes to Lala for the interview!

Did Lala tell them she knows Rachel Maddow??? I would be dropping that into conversation any chance I got. Or maybe just carrying that picture around in my wallet! ;-D
Good Luck to Lala! Congrats on the blurb!

That looks like a fabulous book!

And a fabulous day!

(I've had my coffee today!)

Rachel Maddow! and a blurb. But really Maddow? That is so frickin' cool.

Oooh, oooh, I wanna be a blurb! 'Cause I'm all eloquent and stuff. Hook me up, 'kay, Rach? 'Kay? ;-)

I'm a HUGE Rachel Maddow fan! She rocks!

you're my kind of people; I worked as a GP in Dufftown (home of severn distilleries) once.
Oh, and your book is on it's way...

Over here it's Laphroaig :)

My husband is ridiculously in love with Maddow. It's hopeless all around.

Swoon, swoon, swoon. Swoon for blurbs, swoon for cute gals in glasses, swoon for hotel bar people watching. Swooning all the way around.

Perhaps your next novel could involve a strong political heroine with a PhD in political science from Oxford.


Just an idea.

I LOVE Rachel Maddow!!! I had my picture taken with her too. She was at Pride in Seattle several years ago. :)

(it was fun finally meeting you and Lala in person tonight!)

Re: dog collar guy -- don't you hate it when you don't get to see the end of the story? We went to the ABC store (state-run liquor store) last weekend and saw this kid standing expectantly outside the front door looking in the window. My friend and I decided that some naughty adult was buying this underage guy some liquor and we were trying to figure out which of the patrons in the store he was waiting for. Unfortunately, this was during one of our infrequent snow storms and the roads were getting dangerous, so we couldn't hang around to see who the kid went home with.

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