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Did You Write the Other One?February 27, 2010

I'm handing out excerpts of my book at Stitches this weekend as fast as my little hands can pass them out, and before I fall asleep face down in my soup, here are a couple of my favorite reactions so far:

Me, handing Knitter flier: "Hi! Take a sneak peek at my novel, which comes out on Tuesday!"

Knitter: "Did you write this?"

Me: "Yes."

Knitter: "Did you write the other one?"

Me: "..."

Or this:

Knitter, looking at the back of the excerpt, where my picture is: "Oh, I know her. She's from LA."

Me: "I'm from Oakland."

Knitter (suspiciously): "Hmm." 

Or this:

Knitter, looking at the cover: "Oh, I heard about this on NPR!"

Me, thinking: I wish. Saying: "Mmmm." 

Or my favorite:

Knitter, picking up the excerpt and flipping it over: "What channel will this be on?"

I had no answer for that one at all other than (what I thought was) the obvious. "It's a book."

A disappointed "Oh" was all I got. 

But it is SO MUCH FUN. Knitters are my people. Knitters FOR THE WIN. While these reactions are funny, most of the reactions I got were overwhelmingly positive, to the point where sometimes I just wanted to cry with joy from it all. The smiles, the encouragement, the excitement on their faces when they learned it was my first novel -- I could have hugged everyone. Maybe I did.

I can't wait to go back tomorrow.


Oh good grief, those comments are hilarious AND sad ... but very supportive, and that's what counts, right?


I saw you in passing on Friday morning, I'll be there again tomorrow morning, if I see you I"ll say hi!

Reminds me of working in a yarn shop. "Can you knit a scarf with this?"

Me: "Yes."

Customer: "Can you knit a scarf with this?"

Me: "Yes. Actually, you can knit a scarf with any yarn in the store."

Customer: "Really? That's great. But can you knit a scarf with this?"

You looked like you were having a grand time! It was so lovely to see you in person!

according to amazon.ca your book will be in my hot little hands on march 3rd! woohoo! but i'm supposed to be cramming to two exams... will i be able to resist for 10 days?!


I want my book!

That's so funny! Maybe one of them was the same person that, while she was standing under a sign that explained the yarn was from Ontario and each little skein had a maple leaf on it, if the yarn, by any chance, was from Canada? I peed a little! It was cool to see you at the convention. Can't wait to read the book!!!

How funny!

Your excerpt that I read on-line has me hooked in. Yeah, how about the other one? :D

Have fun and I am so excited for you! (and me, when my book arrives.)

What channel will this be on? *headdesk* Do people not realize there exist books not connected to movies/tv shows? That's a little scary...

If I was there, I'd totally Kinnear you and sheepishly ask for an excerpt, thus adding to your rock star quotient.

People say the strangest things! I'm glad the majority of the comments were positive and supportive... and not just weird. Can't wait to read your book!

And wish I could be there!

Indulge me. If you were a mom to 3 with a hubby what and where would you hang out in San Francisco in the spring?

Thinking of doing a spontaneous (cheap) trip down and could use all your expertise! Heading down from Vancouver BC Canada.

What to do there on the cheap to truly enjoy??

Would love to hear your suggestions. And will trade you for mine if you ever make it up to Vancouver BC Canada again!

BTW feel free to recommend an affordable hotel! Smooch. Amy :)

Congratulations! I heard your interview on CraftLit and will look forward to reading the book. New to your blog but enjoying what I'm reading. Best wishes for your success!

You can NOT make this sh*t up. That is why we so desperately need fiction.

Great ;-) My copy is in the mail. I am so excited!

The comments people make...good thing the happiness of being published eclipses that! Right??

It was great to meet you on Sunday! Knitters are the bomb, except for the ones you posted about...:-)

I saw your samples in a booth and grabbed one. It was excellent and look forward to buying a copy when I see it!


I, on the other hand, always say something very articulately appropriate (in a good way). Really.

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