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Winner! February 14, 2010

As drawn randomly by Random.org, the winner is Mosprott! I'll email you privately....  Congrats! I hope you enjoy!

And now (in the morning), we're off to Disneyland. I CAN'T WAIT. I haven't been in so many years (maybe eight or so) and Lala hasn't been since she was EIGHT. It's going to be rad.

Also, I got Lush for Valentine's Day. Yum. Happy.


Have loads of fun - I can just picture the 2 of you with matching mouse ears!

I won! I WON!! YAAAAY!!!

Have fun at the Magic Kingdom!!



Have fun at Disneyland. Don't miss the soaring over California ride, it's great.

Good stuff. Thanks for thebook picks, just finished Bad Day for Sorry which was very enjoyable. Don't know if you know Nicole Dickson, picked up Casting Off but couldn't get into it, too Irish for me. Toodles (that's the whiskey sour talkin').

I hope you have a fun time at the Magic Kingdom. We lived for a number of years about 30 minutes (in good traffic) away and went often. Mainstreet is my husband's Happy Place. Now that we are up in Alberta we do not get there often enough. I might be a little jealous.

Ooh, what did you get from LUSH? Tell, show!

Last night, I had the weirdest dream that I was helping Lala watch a newborn. Random.

Hold her hand on those big coasters!

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