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A Great NightMarch 3, 2010

My sisters, Christy and Bethany, and the PensFatales (minus three) came over last night to go book hunting with me and Lala. First, there was champagne.


Then we went to Books Inc. in Alameda, where I really didn't think they would have it. Small indie, you know. I didn't have my hopes up. But Bethany found something. Here I am, so flustered I CAN'T SPELL MY LAST NAME TO FIND IT. When I did, I was completely convinced they'd planted it. (Why, I'm not sure. But I thought they did.)


Then we went to Borders in Alameda, where they had a lot of them! Face out! (Always the best way to be placed.)


There weren't many after we left. I signed them all. OH THE HEADY THRILL.

  Then we celebrated a little more. But only a little bit. The rush of the book was enough for me.

Oh, oh, oh. This is the most fun ever. (But I have to admit, this morning I'm already at my desk doing actual work, which feels great because for the last couple of days I've been too excited to really do anything productive. This feels good, too. I'm getting back to normal. Happy sigh.)

Don't forget to enter the Love Song Sweater contest! See previous post! (And OMG, people have already read the book and liked it and told me so! YOU PEOPLE ARE AMAZING! xoxo)


SOOOO much fun! You rock, Rach!

what if every writer had a crew like yours to carry them through the good times...and the challenges? I bet the world would be full of lots more beautiful books. :) SO PROUD OF YOU

The Book was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday. I'm totally enchanted! I'll be posting a review on my blog.

Congratulations on a successful first release!

What a special night-you will never forget it. I've said it before,but I am so gobsmacked that you went all out and wrote this book(books!)and made all these things happen, kept reaching for it with all that was going on in your life. You deserve all the accolades. Getting mine on Kindle!

Really enjoyed the book! Will post a review later today. So many wonderful, memorable scenes. My husband was amazed that he understood all the textile references -- he really liked the bit about the crochet hooks. I'm ready to read the next book!

R -- you need to update your Ravelry page. --syl

Wow, that's so exciting!!!! Yay, book! Can't wait to read mine! (I'll have to get you to sign it next time I see you!)

So glad you had such fun should think so too! Just got my email from bookseller to tell me a copy of your book has been despatched to this wee cottage in Wales, looking forward to curling up with RnB on the settee and enjoying a good read.

So fun! I am so happy and excited for you! Yahoo! I'm getting mine today!

Yay Rach!!! :D So happy for you I could burst. I got my copy yesterday and while I'm looking forward to reading it, for now I am enjoying looking at the back cover and thinking how familiar that author photo looks.

It was crazy to run into you. I'm on chapter 26 and it's great! I'll have a review with picture up soon.

Congrats again!

Mine's ordered through Laurel Books - I'll be reading it Thursday night.


That sounds and looks like a wonderful celebration!

I started the book and I am delighted with it!

Ok- my local store had just unpacked it this morning-it was on the new books stand and I'm on page 86. Very nice!

I'm curious how the book store reacted to you signing the book? Do they check the author picture to make sure it is you? What if you were a rogue wanna-be author just signing books in a bookstore?

I'm headed to Target this weekend to get one. I'll take pictures so you can see it is real in Oregon too!

I'm very excited for you!!! I can't even imagine the joy and the pride of seeing your book on the shelf. I've promised myself that when I get through this move and transferring of schools with my son and the divorce is final, I will forgo a little something, buy your book, get a babysitter and read it with a nice cup of hot tea and my knitting in my lap. I just know it's going to fabulous and everyone is going to love it!

I can't imagine how exciting that must feel! WOW :-) I totally got a vicarious thrill when I saw your books on the shelf in that Borders picture :-)

My book was in the mailbox when I came home tonight. I showed the book to my knitting group at Barnes & Noble and one of them bought it. I am halfway through mine on my Kindle. I'm glad you are having such an exciting and good time with your friends and family. Yay!!

CONGRATS again! So happy for you:)

Heading to the mall Friday and will look for it (BC Canada) and if not will pick it up in Target some time next week when we visit WA state.

Can't wait!!

Mine came from Amazon on Wednesday as well -- I'm saving it for a treat this weekend.

It looks wonderful.


I meant to tell you when I got the book (Tues) but I dived right in and read it til I was done! (Tues night - well, actually Wed morning ~ 1:30!)

I LOVED it! I'm not really a reader of romance novels but yours was really good!

The book was waiting for me on the dining room table - the DH had already opened it up for me. I actually squealed when I saw it and I'm not a squealing type person :P

I got all excited and teary reminding him about you (I've told him about you before - Digit, the writing experiment BECOMING A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!).

I got teary during parts of the book, had to force myself to slow down during parts (toward the last? I think you know what I'm talking about). I really loved it. I can hardly wait for the next one!

Oh! And I *loved* the little bits of wisdom from Eliza prefacing each chapter. So right on!

Dang girl. You are all kinds of awesome :D

oh, oh, oh!!! I have been so unhappy because I have been unable to go in search of "THE BOOK" ! Yesterday when I got home there was a package on my porch from Barnes & Noble and it was "THE BOOK"!!! I completely forgot that I had ordered it on line...DORK +. Loved the A+ on the front cover, cried at the dedication, have loved every chapter, had to stop at #17 or call in sick today.......more to come!!!!

Heading to the bookstore to get mine. You are an inspiration!

I went looking at Target last night - none! I was so disappointed. It was too rainy to go to Borders, B/N or anyplace else. :p So I went home and ordered from Amazon. I hope it'll be here soon. :D

Rachael! You are a published author! Oh hey yay! Don and I go to town tomorrow, March 5 (which is our fifth anniversary!) and I will be celebrating by going by Borders to purchase my first copies of your book! (Barnes & Noble was sold out! But they are reordering!) (At least Borders gives me a good discount, ahem.) I hope to have you autograph a couple of copies at your party! I need to work out a few logistical details for that, but I sure hope it works out that I or Don and I can come...I've anitcipated this for so long--! I'm thinking positive that I/we'll be there, though!
Love you, and hope to see you soon! Mwah!

oh. my. there was a box from amazon when i came home today! and wow - i'm really excited for you (i mean, i'm excited for me too since i get to read it, but...). it was really cool to see it in it's final product - very very cool. can't wait until i have some free reading time. *sigh.

I'm only half way through and I have to go to bed.. but its fabulous. I bought it at Books A Million in Naples FL and took pictures which i will send you if i can figure out how. feel so privileged to have known you through your blog before reading the book.


Bought the book last night at Borders in Sacramento. I read most of it last night would have finished it but had to get up early! It was FANTASTIC! Never have I read a book that included most of my interests: dogs, sheep, horses, KNITTING, hot cowboy! Wow! Can't wait for your next book to come out. Please keep on writing!!!!

champagne and books- sounds awesome!


Your book just arrived last night (I pre-ordered from Amazon), and I am so excited to start reading! Thank you for being such a clear and lovely voice. It is an honor to be among your readers.

I bought the Kindle version this morning and fell right into it-didn't even come up for air until nature called somewhere around chapter 26!

So amazing, so excited for you, and stoked to go drop a little coin at Books Inc. later today while I'm out and about in recognition of their impeccable taste. I knew there was a reason they're one of my favorite bookstores...

Congratulations on your accomplishment!

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