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Atlanta Bound!March 11, 2010

Hey, guess WHAT?

I'm going to Stitches South, all three days! (And there's just the slightest chance I might get over to Maryland Sheep and Wool, too, just for Sunday, but that's still up in the air -- let's hope!) At Stitches, I'll have a table at Carolina Homespun, and I'm so excited, for a couple of reasons.

Reason #1 - I've never been to Atlanta. What should I do there? I've always wanted to go there, and I can't WAIT to see the city.

Reason #2 - I adore Morgaine and Carolina Homespun. I actually bought my first wheel, my Ashford Joy, from her. The funny part about it is that we're both from the Bay Area, but I fell in love with the wheel (and the price) at Maryland Sheep and Wool, and I couldn't wait to buy it until I got home, so I bought it there. (I am not always sensible about these things. On the same trip, I packed a container so full of wool and taped it shut with duct tape that I begged the airport clerk not to open it. "It'll EXPLODE!" I said. NOT A GOOD IDEA TO SAY THIS AT THE AIRPORT.)

I carted my new wheel through security (I got some strange looks from the screeners, but they let me pass), and then pulled it out in the waiting area. People stared at me while I spun, and several people commented that I shouldn't be allowed to have such a contraption in the secured area.


Then a security guard approached me. He wore a turban and frown. I assumed he was going to shut down my spinning operation, since the TSA does, after all, have the ultimate authority to decide what can and can't be done or taken on board a plane. Instead, he leaned forward and said conspiratorially, "I used to spin. In my homeland. But I used a charka. Do you know what that is?" Proof again that fiber folk are the BEST.

#3 Charlie is there.


love (1)

Coca Cola Museum. One of my favorite things I ever did in Atlanta.

Also.. there was an awesome feminist bookstore there. Let me look it up for you.


I loved going to that bookstore. AND there is a veg restaurant nextdoor.

I love the story about the security guy!

Three friends and I met in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago for a girls' weekend. We made the knitting shop rounds of the ones close to the city. Maybe we'll hit the suburban shops another trip.

What the heck did you do with the wheel ON the plane?!

Good luck with the book. The sweater is lovely!

Awesome! I hope I'll see you there!

The Aquarium is pretty nifty.

We should grab a drink! What else you should do in Atlanta depends on where you're staying, and if you feel like driving around. Feel free to email me if you want more specific suggestions.

People are WAY too uptight about fiber and it's accessories. I flew with my mother last September, and I forwarded her the TSA page about knitting. She then proceeded to ask me 5 separate times at the airport, AFTER I had successfully passed through security, if they were allowed on the plane. Then all of the Texas relatives asked how I got them on the plane and who did I bribe?

And Fiber Folk are Everywhere!

No suggestions for Atlanta. The only part I remember is the Immigration office. What a tedious place.

Going to be warm. Have Fun!

It is awesome that a guy who works for Homeland Security was telling you about his homeland.

Have fun at Stitches!

Soooo jealous! But I'm still lambing (well, technically the ewes are still lambing) so no travel for me.

I usually take my drop spindle on planes (and other tight spaces). One flight the flight attendant actually spent most of her time watching and talking to me, rather than helping the others, which probably did not earn her employee of the day, but I always like sucking others into the fiber vortex!

Coke museum!

Also, if you're ever in that neck of the woods again, I'd say take a day and head to Asheville (about a 4 hour drive away). I really think you'd love it.

Oh how cool!! I have heard good things about Atlanta. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you to come to Maryland Sheep and Wool!


You're just like Gandhi.

What a great story! Have fun at Stitches.

yayayayayayay!! this post makes me and Charlie both very happy. Looking forward to seeing your smiling face, girlie!

OMG'dess! I will see you at Stitches South on Saturday! So much yay! Since I haven't bought your book yet (I know, no author wants to hear this...but I DO intend to buy and read it) maybe I will buy it from you directly there. Yeah!

I loved visiting the High Art Museum on one of the Peachtree sts/ave/rd - of which there are THOUSANDS. But I haven't been in Atlanta in....17 years? Is it possible??

And I just finished reading your book on my kindle, and really enjoyed it! Thank you for a really pleasant day!

Yippee, I'm so excited.. i hope we can catch up.. i'll bring my book of course.. should be getting it in the mail today:-) I'll be at the Big Sock most of the time I hope except when i go to see kori's soccer game on Saturday morning:-) toodles

I'm so jealous you get to see Carrie and meet Charlie! Have fun and love them both up good.

(And I hopehopehope you get to come to MD Sheep and Wool - I haven't seen you in a long time)

I second the Coke Museum. Also, you'd probably love the Mary Mitchell house tour. But really, all you have to do is have one great southern dinner. I recommend the Colonnade.

Ha ha, yes, you totally look like you're plotting terrorism with that dangerous looking wheel in the secured area. I'm glad you made it through, have fun in Atlanta!

I think this story about the security guard is the best thing I've ever heard, people are so uptight about flying these days. I love that you took your wheel on the plane, what a lovely man, give that guy a medal!

Love the anecdote, Rachel!

Safe trip! And SO COOL about the security guard!

Have a great time! I'll look forward to hearing about it -- I've been curious about Stitches South.
Sell lots of books in Atlanta! :)

I was in Atlanta in November and had a great time. Go to the Varsity (largest drive-in fast food in the country) and to the original Krispy Kreme (but only if the light is on!) We also went to a great BBQ place with singing entertainment but I don't know where it was. Have fun! (Oh! I bought your book yesterday! Hoo hoo!)

LOVE the exploding wool-box story! On our way back through Canadian customs once, my husband unwittingly told security that yes we had made purchases...bath bombs. (We'd been to Lush.) Talk about a very quiet reaction. I kept saying, "Fizzies. We bought bath FIZZIES." The security guy explained that you really didn't ever want to use the word bomb when going through customs!

Have a great time at Stitches, and hope your return airport experience is just as lovely as this one was.

I sure hope you are going to the MD Sheep & Wool. I plan to be there on Sunday and would love to meet you! I have not been to Atlanta but hear it is a good city to have lots of fun in.

That is hysterical that people said you shouldn't be able to have the wheel in a secure area. lol

omg that is PRICELESS. If you're going to be a Maryland Sheep and Wool on Sunday PLEASE let me know! That's the day we always go ('cause it's less crowded). I would LOVE to meet you in person!

Haha. I just brought an Ashford Traditional back from New Zealand wrapped in an old wool blanket and a garbage bag, a last minute packing job courtesy of my dad. They raised a few eyebrows at the airport, ask what on earth it was, and let it through! I love it and am starting my spinning class in April. Can't wait to learn. Also I just dropped by your blog to tell you I bought your book last night and couldn't put it down. A very fun read and I just love all the knitting/spinning in it. Thanks!

Funny story indead !

What did I just find in my little French mailbox this morning ? Your book !!
This week-end sounds great ...
Take care

oohh... hope you make it to MD, I'd love to meet you in person! Lunch-a-go-go maybe, based on all the number of us here in the comments...

I was going thru security one time and my number came up for the total search of my purse etc... I got to talking with the guy,who had been a fiber major in college while the girl went thru my purse, it couldn't have been 30 sec. and she was sneezing and eyes were watering, when I told her it was a wool bag she dropped it on the counter, had me put all the stuff back in it and quickly sent me on my way.

I don't remember the name of it, but there's an old train yard that's been converted to bars and restaurants. I went there for an evening and had a fantastic time. Lots of live music -- blues and jazz at several of the clubs -- and mingling, happy people. But that was 15 years ago. It might have changed. (I hope it hasn't. I had a wonderful time in Atlanta!)

Lucky you fly in and out of an airport that has real planes and that a Joy qualifies as carry on. We are stuck with the 50 passenger Canadair Regional Jet 200's here. You can barely fit a ham sandwich in the over head bins!

If you go to Charis Books and More, plan to wander around Little Five Points (the neighborhood the bookstore is in) and enjoy the shops and alternative ambience. Also, see if you can get to The Flying Biscuit for the awesomest food ever. Their biscuits and breakfast stuff are amazing! I make it a point to eat there every time I go to Atlanta.

Have a great trip!

The aquarium was fabulous! Craig and I went in 2006. Here's some photos of what we did.

CNN was sorta fun too (I'm a media geek though).


And the botanical gardens were nifty.

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