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Boise RulesMarch 25, 2010


Oh, my goodness! Do you see that? That's four ounces of a colorway that Lynn Ruggles of I Spin the Body Electric dyed. It's called Cypress Hollow Red which she dyed to match the book. I swear, when she gave it to me, I thought for a second maybe it was some kind of divine coincidence -- how could she POSSIBLY have found such an amazing color that was called the same name as my fictional town that I MADE UP? Then I blushed as red as the book and the Shetland fiber from her sheep as I realized she'd dyed it just for me.

It was such a wonderful reading; want to know why? The store, Fuzz (605 Americana Blvd.), was wonderful, and the owners, Mary and Diane, made me feel so welcome. And the attendees were so great, and it was different from the other readings I've done in this way: For the most part, the people there didn't know me. They had no idea who I was. They'd never heard of my blog. They hadn't already read the book. They didn't know any of my stories. And they STILL got excited about the book. They still smiled at me and laughed at the right spots and they were warm and generous, proving the rule that knitters are just generally AWESOME. They just come that way.

And look at this: Melanie didn't come, but blogged about not coming HERE (with a picture of me and everything).

(You can see in her picture the box that Fuzz gave me, a cigar box painted by a local artist named Marilyn. It's GORGEOUS. And the inventor of the KnitKit was there, too, and I got one of those, also! What a wealth of riches. I hope that I was able to give a little something back, because Boise gave me so much. Honestly. It was such a treat.)

And now I'm going to sit and read Knitting Traditions. Have you seen this Interweave extra single magazine? It looks SO great. I can't wait to dive into it. Woot!


You deserve all this. I'm reading your book (I want to post my review by april 1st!) and I love it!

beautiful fiber!

I finished the book last weekend and loved every last page of it. I can't wait for more -- when's the next coming out???

Just started following your blog after I purchased your book and heard you on a podcast. My book purchase was a Kindle version and I wondered if there was a way to get the sweater pattern in printable form, the chart in particular? The rest of the pattern I can read from my Kindle but reading the chart would never work from the screen.

Good luck on your book tour. Hope you come to the Chicago area.

Annie and I met for coffee and she showed me the Cade sweater she's knitting for her husband. It's really nice and will suit him perfectly.

OMG counting the days till I get to crack the spine!

I have been knitting with it on my lap....

I was very happy that many people were there for you and your book. Isaac loved listening and admired you when you were reading. Everything was wonderful in Boise. ^^

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