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Don't Forget! March 18, 2010

Hiya! There are three upcoming readings you might want to know about, including a newly added one....

This Sunday, March 21st, Crazy Aunt Purl and I will be doing a little flamenco dancing reading at the Knitter's Studio in Los Angeles at 2pm. We hear there's a marathon, and you should look up the road closures here (but hopefully the roads will be open by then) and you can use the valet park (guys in orange on 3rd Street, $3.50). I'm TOTALLY jazzed about this, and I hope you can come!

Then, as my whirlwind world tour continues, I'll be in Boise, Idaho this Thursday, March 25th! At FUZZ, 605 Americana Blvd, at 2pm. Please come by -- it's a great shop, and I hope I get to say hello to some local knitters.

NEW SIGNING - EAST BAY! - Mark your calendars:

Saturday April 10th - A Verb For Keeping Warm, 2703 7th Street, #133, Berkeley, 2-4pm. Woot! Close to home! Huzzah! You should come!

And now, I'm just thinking about getting through my work week and getting myself to LA. I haven't taken a plane flight to Somewhere for a while, and even though it's just an overnight trip, I'm really excited about it. While I love to travel with Lala, and even though I'm looking forward to going to see family in Boise later this week, there's something SO exciting about traveling by myself. Wandering in the airport alone. Choosing to buy an eleven dollar bottle of orange juice, just because I can. Slouching low in an airport seat, pretending to be a spy (what? You don't do that?). Airports always shake loose creative ideas, don't they? Is it being surrounded by all those people that you don't know? All those families and stories around you, close enough to touch, all the eavesdropping you get to do... I love it. I can't wait.


Rachel- i just finished the book last night and I loved it! Congratulations and I cannot wait to read book #2 as well- altho I think i will read #1 several more times while I'm waiting.

I just read your book and enjoyed it very much... I'm not a knitter - in fact, I don't have a crafty bone in my body - but it was a great escapist read!

I'm intrigued though - I'm from Australia where the book is sold as "Eliza's Gift" and has a picture of a woman (who is not knitting!) on the cover... I find the US title/picture much more appealing and I'm so curious as to why your publishers changed the title & cover for the Australian market?!

Rachael i'm totally with you on the traveling alone thing.. i'm looking forward to my trip out east aka Atlanta aka Stitches South:-) in just 4 weeks!!! :-0 eeek... i should be getting Aunt Purl's book delivered by saturday - but i'm still reading her 2nd one first.. and then it will be your turn and then her's again.. haha
love it all:-)
have a good time traveling

It's so exciting to read about your dream coming true. I have dreamed of being in this very same spot since middle school. I can only imagine how wonderful it is. Thank you for sharing, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Have a wonderful time!
So happy for you :)

If you're flying Southwest to LAX, you can grab a Pinkberry on your way out of the terminal!

Wahoo! We're moving to the bay area next week -- in time for the signing at AVFKW. If I can keep chaos at bay, I just might be able to make it.

Awwww! I'll even be in the Bay Area on April 10th. No crying for me missing the signing though. I'm gonna be taking a spinning & color class with Judith MacKenzie McCuin in the 2-4pm time slot.

Thank you for coming down here! Your reading was great and the conversation afterward was both fun and hilarious...I hope to see you again sometime!

I can imagine you are excited. Ok, I can't. I've never published or even written a book. But I can imagine you're excited about the plane trip. Ages ago (1994) I had a very brief long-distance relationship and then one day he broke up with me in an airport restaurant! We were not arguing, but I was so sad (I was on my way back home) and might have cried... I was quiet there but there was a female flight attendant sitting right next to us and I remember the way she looked at us, especially me, and how she probably tried to figure out our story. Or maybe she thought: Oh I just hope these two won't be on my plane... I'm so sad I'm not rich enough to come to one of your readings/signings. I live in Europe. :-( I just ordered your book and the new one by Laurie and can't wait to read them both. Good luck for all the events! Enjoy!

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