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Have a ListenMarch 1, 2010

If you're jonesing for something to listen to while knitting, I've been interviewed a couple of times recently.

In her come-back podcast, Marie Irshad interviews me on Knitcast. (That was fun -- we met for the first time years and years ago and have met up a couple of times. So nice to talk to her again.)

And Heather talked to me on CraftLit, too. She's so smart and fun! I didn't admit to her I've never read Persuasion because someone like me should have already read it, but now I want to.... 

I really should cut back on the giggling, but I think it may be impossible.

PS - T minus ONE DAY.


I got an email from Amazon today, saying my copy has shipped!

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!! I hear the book is great. Will be picking it up at my local bookstore right after work.

The grin on your face all weekend at Stitches said it all!

I going to have to have a talk with Heather. We need to get you to Tucson! (Maybe you could do a workshop or book evening for our guild. Or...what are you doing April 14-16? Fibers Through Time is in Phoenix....)

Pre-ordered. Hmm, wonder if I can download at midnight...

My copy arrived from Amazon today! I'm so excited to read it, but I've promised myself I'll submit my paper first. I'm a grad student so I have to get this paper out, but your book is a perfect reward!

Been wondering if your book will be "on tape" I like to listen to books on tape at work and I would be very pleased to be listening to yours!

(ps the one I am reading now would be right up your alley. The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen. Pretty fun.)

Stop with the nerve jangling already! We want to get some sleep tonight.

Wow! Tomorrow already!

My copy arrived today (Monday in Minnesota) from Amazon.

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