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How The Book Launch WentMarch 17, 2010

Oh, my goodness. It went past how-much-fun-do-you-think-I-can-stand right to THIS IS MORE FUN THAN DOWNHILL-SKIING WHILE KNITTING.

I've never skied downhill while knitting. I think that would be a mighty dumb thing to do, and I'm not encouraging anyone to do it. However, I think it would be FUN, and I can imagine (because I'm a big imaginer) that last night kind of felt the same way. (Of course, I think that winding balls of yarn REALLY FAST on the from the swift to the ball-winder is almost the same kind of thrilling, and I don't drive more than 70mph, so I might not be the person to talk to about excitement.)

But because you might not have been there (but 96 of your friends were! WOOT!), here are some pictures:


Me, outside Bookshop West Portal. FABULOUS place to launch a book.


Look at everyone! I was so wildly nervous they could probably hear my heart beating in my ears at the back of the room...


But then I started reading, and it was fun.


Lisa, Julie,and Sophie, of the PensFatales.


Before people lined up to get their books signed. And they really did! Line up, I mean! I signed for a long time. It was AMAZING and overwhelming and wonderful.

It was one of the best nights of my life.


Sisters and Gaynelle, my mother's best friend, who did a marvelous job of standing in for the little mama.


It was a wonderful, wonderful night. Oh, I love all this. Thanks, y'all, for being part of it.


Officially entering the contest! I blogged about your wonderful book, and I passed it around at two different knitting groups last week! Everyone was enthusiastic, and I think my LYS may order some copies to sell in the store too!

So glad the launch party went well. You deserve it!

Congratulations, Rachael! That's really marvelous!

Wooooh! Wonderful!

That sounds way more exciting than most/anything I do!

I am so happy for you!!! Talk about a dream come true!! :)

I've never seen a bigger grin! So glad you had a great turnout - you deserve it! :-)

Well, you looked gorgeous, and what fun!! I loved the book. Don't have a blog to put it on. As yet. :)

So! Cool! It looks like a wonderful time and you are positively glowing! Congrats and hugs to you. :) Only wish that I could have been there. xoxo!

and a fabulous dress too!


Did your face hurt from all that smiling?

Oh my gosh, look at your fabulous vintage dress! You look so beautiful and so proud! Way to rock the book launch. It's such a huge and wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations.

You deserve it! I'm actually reading your book and I love it. ...And it makes me practice my english! Congratulation!

yay! congratulations Rachael! knitting MFAs unite!

Many hearty congratulations!!! Wish I could have been there (but life has other plans for me these days). Nice to Lala front and center. Looks like a great night and I can't wait to read the book :)

Sooo, what part(s) did you read aloud??? DH likes the super smiley photo of you at the table.

I am hoping to see your book at my Target soon! If not, I'll go to my local store and ask them to order it.
I wanted to say though, I had a bit of a giggle earlier, when I googled something entirely not knitting related, and 2 of the image results were from Crazy Aunt Purl's blog, and a picture of you! (I was looking for a picture of a purse)

I love your book cover. What a nice turnout - that is so cool - someday :-)

Congratulations again. I was so happy to be able to attend, it was such a fun evening! Everyone had a fabulous time and your reading was great! Applause, applause!!

WooHooooo! I asked our local library to have your book! It's in! More publicity for you! They will read it and then go out and buy it!

Yay! Look at you, all famous author-y! I'm working my way through it, a little bit at a time, and really enjoying it!

(I remember when I was in my teens, I had all the free time in the world, and could easily read several books a WEEK. No more, I'm afraid!)

Yeah! What a great experience. I loved seeing Lala front and center to cheer you on. Yippy! BTW, last night I was looking for a good book to read and I thought, "I should re-read Rachael's book" Congrats on your book and tour. I hope it only gets better and better.

That picture of you at the table -- what a million-dollar smile! Congrats on your big night!!

You look beautiful, and I wish I could have been there. I am 3/4 of the way through the book (which is open on my desk right now, because I cannot put it down, even while I'm stealing a few minutes to see what's been happening on the internet). Skiing while knitting does sound thrilling, but I think you'd have to do it with really chunky yarn and big needles, to avoid dropping stitches.

Congratulations, Rachel!! I can't wait to read the book.

Congrats, Rachael! So bummed that I couldn't be there. But I sent good thoughts. -Kathie

Dude, I am SO happy for you! Cute dress! And I loved the book!

Rachael, you look beautiful!

I received the copy you sent me from Wendy's blog contest (inscribed to me and my dog - love it!) yesterday and tore through the first 14 chapters at lunch. Not much time to read last night so I'm only about 2/3 way through, but I'll finish it today.

I'm really enjoying it - I like your writing style. And I got all nostalgic for you when I met Clara. :-)

Looking forward to your second book - I'll BUY that one.


I am amused that I am the only person in the chairs who is NOT in the group picture. Heh.

My baby boy was there. He was so happy for his the best selling author aunt Rachael. yay!
He also thought she was very beautiful, I think. ^^

Lisa in Toronto

So awesome! You look absolutely radiant, and that dress is va-va-va-voom! Being a published author suits you!! CONGRATS!

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