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LA, BabyMarch 22, 2010

That really was awesome.

And I have to admit, I was nervous. My plane was delayed due to fog. And I only had a short time to get to LA, pick up a rental car, and drive to the Knitter's Studio, where I was to meet with Crazy Aunt Purl, Laurie Perry, and do a reading. My heart was pounding.

But finally, the plane took off. Long Beach Airport was small, Oaklandish. Enterprise was great, no line. There was no traffic. I made record time.

Laurie, on the other hand, who was only doing the reading as a favor to me, was stuck in NIGHTMARE TRAFFIC FROM HELL due to the LA Marathon.

But she made it. And there was much rejoicing in the Land of the Knitter.


You know when you meet a knitter and you just know them? It was like that. It was like, Hey, whassup, look at this yarn, sit down and let's talk a while, and okay, I'll see you soon, MISS YOU ALREADY. She's good people. I knew that from the moment I hugged her, but it was cemented the moment she was in the middle of telling a juicy story, looked behind her and said, "Oh, I'll just finish that in a minute." And I turned around to see MY DAD standing there, and she didn't trip at all, just smiled and went with it.

And I gotta tell you, my dad and his girlfriend Lola showing up unexpectedly like that? A highlight. They brought a fruit basket. I didn't know I liked fruit baskets, but YES, I DO.

And Lola got a shot of me signing, which I didn't really have before:


And of me and Dad, and I gotta say, there'a resemblance here (Hello, NOT AFRAID OF PATTERNS):


And a nice shot of Lola in the bookstore where they found my book (I'm tempted to say they planted my book there, since I've just found out that Eliza's Gift is a Doubleday bestseller in New Zealand, but not many other places just yet):


Edited to add: I guess they didn't place it there -- it was already sitting in that spot! Wowie!

Yay! So Laurie and I had a great reading (with WONDERFUL attendees -- THANK YOU to those of you who came -- it meant the world), and then I went to see a great bluegrass show (put on by Ed Hems! LOVE HIM) with lovely Snargle Sarah (I manage to see her every 2.5 years, it seems) and her charming husband. I ate figs and brie, and drove a powder blue rented Hyundai (which I valet parked -- HAHAHHAHA) and signed stock at the Century City Westfield mall, and felt oh-so-very LA. And for once, I didn't hate LA. In fact, I liked it.

I kinda loved it.

It was great. Next up, Boise.


Rachael, that is one helluva dress. You look amazing. I want it. And YAY on the bestseller down under! (I'm about halfway through. The only reason I haven't been racing through in one yummy stretch is that I'm still on such baby-related sleep debt, I have to force myself to put the book down and turn lights out after just a couple of chapters. But it takes will, I tell ya.)

That sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you and Laurie had such a good experience. How's it feel to be a rock star, missy?

good for you, good for you! your book is FANTASTIC, I cheered for the characters I wanted them to love and laugh and to win the prize. I love how you can put pictures in my head with your words; I LOVE YOUR BOOK! You will go far, you are a WINNER!


I loved reading your book! It was fabulous!

I'm so glad you came and had a good time and enjoyed LA. :) I love it here, but LA is kinda a monster you have to make friends with.

BTW -- That brie-fig-thing is totally my favorite sandwich there. Glad you discovered it.

Look at that cute pic of you and your dad! So sweet. Love that Lola took a photo with your book on the best seller bookcase. WOOT! I finished your book a couple of weeks ago and wrote a quick review on Amazon. Loved it and loved that it made me cry and laugh throughout. Can't wait for book 2. =)

Seeing as their copies were totally SOLD OUT by the time I tore myself away from the table to go buy one, I'd say it's a best seller!

Love the picture with your dad. Love how happy you both look. I also love that it looks like someone was behind you giving you rabbit ears for the shot...a little bit of silly that seems to be in a lot of my family photos growing up. Congrats!

What an amazing ride you're having...woo hoo!!! I've started the book and am enjoying every word. I know a good book when I spend time thinking about the characters even when I'm not actaully reading and yours are doing just that...thank you! Can't wait to hear more of your adventures :)

I started the book last night and as I began, I kept thinking"Rachael wrote this, cool." and then I was just into it and enjoying a really good read. I am about half done and so happy there will be more to come. Sexy without being sleazy/slutty and not one usage of "throbbing member". Excellent.

Hi, Miss "I'm Not Afraid of Patterns," I need to know WHERE DID YOU GET THAT AMAZING PATTERNED DRESS?!?!? Must.Own.It.

And the book: OMG, wonderful. Love it, and want one.

(Not the book ... the boy. ;-)

Love the pic of you and your Dad. Something hanging on the wall behind you makes it look like he is doing giant rabbit ears over your head- something my Dad often does when in pics with his kids/grands. (In fact, I did a double take- "How the heck did he make his fingers look so huge?!"- before I realized it was wall art.)

ZOMG your book is right above "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" which is my FAVORITE book I've read in the past few years. Very awesome! Yaaay!

I also finished your book, too. It is also awesome.

Also, too.

You so rock Rachael. Following your dream, making it HAPPEN and then going out there and enjoying the rewards!

So great to hear Lala and your Dad surprised you with their visit :)

Can't wait to read the book! This weekend I will be visiting Target and will of course be picking it up :)


Oh, I surely do love that photo of you and your dad!

Hi Rachael,
I loved your reading so much. I didn't know I liked romance novels :-)

So glad you had a good time in LA - I hope we'll see you again -- soon!

Also, how great that your dad showed up. So sweet.

Best wishes,

That was the most fun book reading I've been to! So cozy and friendly, and you both are delightful to listen to. Come back and see us again soon.

woo hoo, after yours hers is 2nd (just ordered from Amazon)

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