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My First SigningMarch 6, 2010

My first signing is today, at Caps Restaurant, 144 Oak St., Brentwood, at 3:30pm.

I am SO excited.

And I'm so happy that I don't have to do it alone! I won't be reading or anything like that -- I'll just be sitting in a room with six other fantabulous authors (including Sophie Littlefield and Juliet Blackwell of the PensFatales -- we're bound to get in SOME kind of trouble), and if someone wants my book, I'll sign it for them, and that will be it. Barnes & Noble is bringing fifteen of them. I hope I sell at least a couple. But if I don't, I'm sitting there knitting and watching the Big Girls work.

Hoo boy. I'll let you  know how it goes.


Break a leg! (knitting needle? pen?)

How exciting! Your attitude sounds great, and I bet you do sell books, too. Have fun, and congrats again.

Hope it goes well, have fun!

i started your book yesterday and finished this morning which says a lot as i haven't been in the mood to read much lately!

i loved it!

Isn't knitting the best? You can sit and wait (and wait and wait) and not look bored or irritable. I love it. And you are actually being productive at the same time. How wonderful is that?

I finished reading your book this morning! I really enjoyed it. I'm glad now that I have been busy and it took me several days to get through it, like savoring a treat. Congratulations again, I'm looking forward to your next book already!

Take lots of pens...that work and have fun!

w00t! So excited for you. Of course ... I already HAVE my signed copy. Just sayin'. I'm betting all 15 of them will sell, too.

Dang, I wish I could be there. I'd get you to sign my book fer sure.

Hi, Just saw an ad for your book today. I bought it for my "Nook", downloaded and already finished it. I enjoyed it very, very much. I was sorry to finish it so quickly. My biggest disappointment is that I can't see the chart for the sweater on my "nook", too small. I love knitting and reading so I got two for one with your book.
Thank you!

We had fun, didn't we!! And you SOLD OUT!! Again! :) Because you're sparkly and so are your books, that's why.

Remember, a signing is like the final day of Olympic knitting -- keep that wrist relaxed!

So proud of you.

Congrats !! I wish I could order it and read here, back in France ...

Just to let you know, Our little bookstore in McComb, Mississippi didn't get your book. However, I found and purchased one of the three in Hammond, LA 50 miles away. If I could have figured out how to send a picture on my cell phone I would have!

Hey there, Just picked up your book today at Border's Union Square in SF and can't wait to start. And, boom! they have your book in a nice spot. I was gliding up the escalator wondering if I should check Romance, Mysteries, or Fiction, hmmmm... stepped off, and voila! someone's book was RIGHT THERE in my face, facing out, on a New Books rack. Ding dang!
Has this comment gone on too long? just enthused.... :)

Awesome girlie! Can't wait to get my Amazon box!


Yes, I found the book at Chapters in Montreal and began reading your romance novel. It is excellent! It was difficult for me to go to sleep without reading until the end. I have gone through hardware problems during the week-end and I am emailing from work, this morning. Take care... xx

just finished the book and i loved it - just one question - what happened to Clara?

I would never say romance is my genre of choice, but last night I downloaded your book to my kindle and I finished it up about 10 min. ago. Wonderful book! Totally engaging and well written to boot. Looking forward to more.

Well. Thanks a lot. I had the book shipped here to my office. It arrived so I thought I'd take just a short li'l break out in my car and start a chapter. Next thing I know it's been an hour and I still didn't want to put it down. So now I'm back in my office and I'd really rather just go home, sit by the fire, and finish the darn book! So. Thanks a lot. Maybe I can sneak out early. :) (I raise alpacas, so of course you had me there, too!) Seriously, I am loving it and can't wait to read the rest.

I just read your entire book on Saturday. I'm so glad I waited for the weekend to read it because it was So Much Fun reading the whole thing all at once! Great Book!!

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