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One Week LaterMarch 9, 2010

And I've been having SO MUCH FUN. Honestly, this has been a great week. I've heard from a lot of people already about the book, and y'all are liking it! Really liking it! That thrills me to my toes. And also, you all read SO QUICKLY. Some of you read in the tub. And in your cars. Or in the parking lot on lunch breaks. I've been fascinated to find out where you're reading it. Some of you read it to other people (I wonder which bits? That could be blush-worthy, if you know what I mean...).

Don't forget to give it a review somewhere (Amazon, goodreads, librarything, your own blog, etc.) and email me about it at yarnagogo@gmail.com to make sure I enter you to win your chance to win the sweater Abigail made for Cade in the book (or gift certs for book $)! See THIS POST for more details.


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Me, meanwhile,  I'm just sitting and knitting. And soaking it all in. And trying to have FUN. Someone asked me the other day what I did for fun, and besides reading in bed before falling asleep, I couldn't really remember -- I've been working so much, either at the job or on the writing.

I didn't like that I said that. That's not me.

So Sunday night, I opened a bottle of wine, cast a loving glance at the pile of my beautiful books, shut my computer, and turned on the Oscars. I dragged out my sorely neglected Ashford Joy, and I spun and plied three skeins of yarns. I had the best time. It felt like pure joy, the fiber (mostly merino, but there was a batt of pure purple angora in there that went right up my nose and made me happy) flying through my fingers, long-draw, slubby, and happy. I'm not a technically perfect spinner, but boy, it does my heart right.

Oh, yeah. :)


I just started my copy yesterday at lunch in my car. I hardly wanted to go back in to work. I can see that this week's lunch breaks are going to be FUN! Can't wait to see what happens with Abigail and Cade.

Oh, spinning, how I miss thee!!! And your post makes it that much worse, thanks! ;)

I have one project that I absolutely have to finish and then I think I will take some much needed quality time with my Joy and spin away an evening...thanks for the idea.

i just got word from Amazon that they sent out my book today:-) yippeee should have it by friday and then can read it over the weekend:-) i'm so excited!

I've had my copy since last week (was born on the same day as me!), and have been feverishly trying to finish the previous book on my nightstand before I dive in with undivided attention. Last night right before bed, I finished the other one and put your book in its place, ready to be started tonight. Yay! It even has a special handmade bookmark to go in it.

I started the book at the bus stop waiting for my daughter's bus to arrive yesterday (too cold and yucky for her to wait at the curb), finished her sock at hockey practice since the light was too dim and flickery to read by, finished it at 2am this morning. How long do I have to wait for the next one? *whine* I've waited so long since the Gather contest teaser chapters. I LOVED it! Thanks for a fun read that kept me involved from start to finish. I've already requested that my library buy it too. It needs to be on the shelf there.

I've been reading you since My Glass House days, and I am just so thrilled and happy for you. Congratulations!!

I have been so busy lately, how I miss my knitting! Must change that very soon!!!

Sometimes being technically perfect, or trying to be, can pull the joy out of something. Good for you for just enjoying the ride!

Where are the pictures of your spinning? Obviously, you have not blogged about yarn in a while. ;)

I read on the bus ;) And am happy to hear that you took some me time to enjoy that wheel. I'm trying to convince my husband that a wheel should be in my future...

One of the things about working at home is you *have* to schedule fun. Weird concept, but quality of life can be planned. We expand to fill any give space, so make room for laughter and love and good old R&R. That whole six days on, one day off? There's a reason...

In addition to making sure to have a bit of quiet time alone and a cuppa out with a friend or a good long walk, DH and I have date nights that we schedule each year. We buy a few concert tickets, choose a couple of restaurants, put the dates in the various calendars and pda's, and the only thing that trumps a date is a high fever or ER visit. They've become our islands of time.

It is one thing for a book to be engrossing -- it's another league when it is a delight to read aloud. I really do not like listening to audio books, but I love reading aloud. Go figure (sort of a driver vs. being a passenger thang?). Anyway, your book rocks in verbal form, especially the blushing bits!

I started mine yesterday in the bathtub, and plan to read a bunch at my boring temp job this afternoon! Still have to pose for a blog pic with my copy, though.

Finished the BOOK ! Rachael, you are a wonderful story teller (writer)! Thank you for a sweet, sexy, suspensful,completely satisfying read! I enjoyed every page! Waiting patiently for Book #2.

It's funny you ask where people are reading your book. I'm not reading it yet, but it's on my Kindle and I'm waiting until I go to the hospital (probably for an induction), I figure it will be a fabulous distraction from all the rest of that whole "having a baby" thing :) It's my little treat to myself!

I finally found a copy of your book (I looked at Target a trillion times and finally went to Borders on my lunch break, where one of the employees sighed heavily when I asked her to help me find it, and quickly walked off after she shoved it at me - great experience)!

At any rate, the book is lovely! I'm falling in love with Cade already and can't wait to see how it all unfolds!

I'm reading it whenever I get a break at work and get a lot of grief from my male co-workers (example: "How to Knit a Love Song...Hmm. That sounds fascinating"). Don't worry. I ignore them.

Don't wait, Michelle! Start it now! "having the baby" will distract you too much from "reading the book!"

Luckily I had your book with me when BART slowed down to a crawl during the morning commute today. I hardly noticed the delay that doubled my commute time!

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