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Today's the Big Day! March 2, 2010

How to Knit a Love Song is here! In a store near you!

I've wanted this day to come for sooo long. You know that. I don't have to tell you that. And from everyone I talk to this is how today will go: I'll wake up with a big jolt. I'll sit straight up. I'll race into the kitchen with a spring in a step and joy in every cell of my body.

And then the cats will yell at me and I'll feed them and then I'll make some coffee and do some work. Just another day.



Let's celebrate with a contest! A BIG ONE!

I'm giving away three $25 Barnes & Noble gift certificates AND THE LOVE SONG SWEATER itself! I made it as the book prototype (I mean, Abigail made it for Cade....), and it's just lovely. Strong enough for a man, pretty enough for you!



1. One entry for taking a picture of the book in the wild (in a bookstore) and posting it to your blog, Twitter, or Facebook with a link to an online seller

2. Two entries for taking a picture of YOU with the book and posting it to your blog, Twitter, or Facebook with a link to an online seller

3. Three entries for posting a review (anywhere, your blog, Amazon, GoodReads...) of the book

Send me notification when you've posted your links to yarnagogo@gmail.com and I'll add your entries to the hat! I'll draw the gift certificate and the grand prize winners in a month on April 2nd! That's it!

And now I'm back to pacing circles into the floor. Lala, the sisters, and the PensFatales are taking me out for champagne tonight. We're going to hunt for the book in bookstores. If we find it, we're celebrating. And if we don't, we're celebrating, too. So really, it's a win/win.

I can't fit it all into a woot, but WOOT! (And to all the knitters I met at Stitches West, hello. I love you. You made my whole year. Honestly.) 

Oh, frabjous day.


I will write my review and take my picture ASAP...just purchased your lovely book on Amazon 30 seconds ago. (Kindle editions count, right? :)

The book isn't here yet (I live way up here in the north) so I'm just commenting to CONGRATULATE you!

You know, we all just can't wait to say "I knew her when..."
Can't wait 'til they sell the movie rights - who should play Cade? Matthew Maconehey (can't spell) - or how about that guy who plays Billy on Y&R? He's far too good for TV and has that whole good-bad boy thing goin' on.
Much loves to you all,

This makes me think of that scene in Stuart Little where the kid comes racing down the stairs yelling, "Today's the day! Today's the day!" And really, having a book on the shelves is so much better than adopting a mouse brother.

I'm anxiously awaiting my Amazon box to make it's way across the Atlantic Ocean to my APO box. I suppose I could have bought it for my Kindle to read right away, but maybe someday down the road I'll meet you and it's hard to autograph an ebook!

Congratulations and WOOOOOT!

Um... does it count if it's on my Kindle? I just downloaded it! I'm so excited to read it!

Yay!!! Can't wait to stalk your book in the wild. Maybe tonight, after martial arts class...

Great idea! You're too generous. I just got notification from Amazon that my pre-ordered copy is on its way Woohoo! Congratulations and Best of Luck!

Squee! My copy is wending its way to me via Amazon. So glad I preordered so I won't have to wait for long!

It's been so exciting to watch all the little moments that have led to this big moment. Congratulations!!!

Oh, am I the first to comment? My copy of the book arrived today in the mail, thanks to amazon. Love the cover! I can imagine that you are excited.
I'll report as soon as I have read it.

Congratulations on today! I can only imagine how excited you must be.

Rachael, I'm so excited and happy for you! It's been a lot of fun to watch your excitement through the whole process and now...here you are! I can't wait to see your book sitting on the shelf at Target today!

Enjoy yourself today! Congratulations!


My copy is on its way from Amazon, can't wait to read it! Hope one of your stops brings you to the Denver area - we have great bookstores and knitting shops so you'd fit right in.

I went to bed last night thinking I needed to send you a note first thing in the morning saying CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so excited for you! I also can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Enjoy your day as a published author!

XO - yay Rachael!

Woo! and Hoo! So totally excited for you--and I hope you're planning on posting pictures of your book hunting adventures today. I bet you'll end up in the shipment receiving dock of a major bookstore, standing over some poor clerk with your own box cutter, telling him or her to "Open the damned box already!" and dancing up and down while Lala plays a new song ("The Book Song," of course!) she's written to commemorate the day. Have fun--you've definitely earned it!

I just opened my Amazon email to say "Your order has been shipped". This is very exciting, and I couldn't be happier for you.

CONTRATS!!!!! I remember when you first posted on Rav that you were getting published, I'm so excited for you!!! Finally, a book that involves knitting which won't make me want to cross my eyes with boredom. I could order it from amazon.... nah. I'm going book hunting this weekend so I can giggle and tell people I "know" the author. Erm. Sort of. lol.

XOXO Rachel!!

I see you're coming to Ohio...Columbus is a little over an hour from me.

Could it be I would actually get to see you in person after all these years?

Hi Rachel!
I am a lurker who reads everyday. Had to comment, to say congrats, and that I'm heading to my local Barnes and Noble right now to see if I can find your book!

Yay!! Congratulations! Now to find a copy of that book. Awesomely special contest. Want the book anyway. :)

Congratulations! I'm heading to the downtown bookstore at lunch to see if I can find a copy!

I can't wait to read it!

WOOT! What fun it's been to be a part of this ride!

Congrats on the book, can't wait to read it. Listened to your interview on Knitcast last night and enjoyed it a lot.

I'm going to powells on a hunt today, can't wait to capture it!

CONGRATS!! You know, I was just thinking about what I was going to do tonight. And now I know...I'm gonna go look for your book in stores in Rhode Island. I will report back tomorrow.

What a wonderful day! Congratulations, Rachael. I will head out to my LBS today and place my order.

I checked my email this morning and there from Amazon was a notice that your book was on my Kindle. I preordered after reading the excerpt. I can't read it yet as it is my book to read this weekend on the plane to New York.

Congratulations, Rachael!!! What a happy day for you.

And I have a question:
The review copy said you would be publishing the sweater pattern, but I can't find it? And www.howtoknitalovesong.com redirects right back here - I'm so confused!

You know what? I stopped at Target on my way to work this morning, intent on buying your book and taking a picture of it (even brought my knitting WIP for the photo). I hadn't even seen this post yet. But. IT WASN'T THERE! It wasn't on the sign for "Arrives 3/2" either. :-(
I guess I'll have to go to B&N...

So very proud of you! Off to check out the local supplier of reading material and intending raise a little h*ll if "HTKALS" isn't there!

Mine should arrive on my doorstep today! So excited. Have a GREAT day!!

Squee! I'm going to go look for it right now.

Congrats, you've accomplished a hard, hard thing.

Honey, congratulations! This is so exciting.

I'm going book hunting after work tonight. Can't wait!!

Rachael, I'm going to run out and buy the book! And, I'd like to heartily suggest that you do a book signing at a LYS in Oakland...because I can't make it to West Portal! Waaah!!!

Oh fantastic day!! Just so dang cool.

Yeah, Amazon just delivered! I finished a book last night and wouldn't start another just in case my book arrived today. One of my bookgroups does themes rather than single titles. You are my "American Author" for this month's theme, what perfect timing.

On my way to every bookstore in Reno until i have my hands on the prize. Going to enter the contest if i can figure out how to do any of those things!
Congrats Rachael, what an accomplishment!!!!


I can buy your book today!

Congratulations! What a great feeling. Enjoy the day!

Congratulations! Just heard about you on CraftLit. I have a book blog (and a sorely neglected knitting blog) and will definitely read and review your book. From blogging buddies, I know how tough the publishing industry can be, so congrats on keeping with it and being successful :)
(Not to say if you don't get published you are not successful, but the process takes enormous dedication)

Congratulations. I was in Border's yesterday and thought "maybe they put it out one day early..." but NO! They really stick with the release date, huh?
Enjoy your triumph!

Hi Rachael..loved your book. Almost completely gotten over being creeped out...if you know what I mean :)

I found, purchased, and blogged your book.
I'm too shy to put my own picture with the book for a second entry, does my knitting count? (I am my knitting, my knitting is me)
How about rearranging the display table at B & N???

I had tears in my eyes for you, I only know you through your blog which has been such a pleasure! What a wonderful, amazing, fantastic accomplishment. I am in a B&N downloading your book to my Kindle even as I type this... and it has arrived. So, I've got to run!

Rachael the very best congrats...hope it hits the NYTimes best seller list. Mary in Cincinnati

I've been running out to the mailbox between squalls and MY COPY IS HERE and dry! I ripped open the package, smiled at your photo on the back, then opened the book randomly and was instantly inside the story. I love your writing.

I will blog it and post a review to Goodreads as soon as I read the book (would anyway despite your contest), but I promised myself I'd finish the taxes and one other awful bit of accounting first. Highly motivated! Back to crunching numbers and sorting through receipts...

I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh that is so EXCITING!!! I cannot wait to see your book in a bookstore! For sale! I will be the crasy lady grabbing everyone and saying, "My friend wrote that!!!"

Congratulations! That's just crazy fantastic!

Rachel, Congratulations! You did it! A long time ago you dreamed that you would write a book and it would be published, today is that day! you did it! WHOOOOOT is right my friend. Everyone that loves you is so very proud of you. Enjoy this day, and write about it in your personal diary so you can always go back to this day and relive your excitement!

Wonderful!! Congratulations. I'll be hunting for the book this weekend.

I can't tell you how happy I am for you!

Picked up your book today from my local bookseller! Can't wait to snuggle in with it and enjoy!

Happy street date! (And I mean that in a totally non-hooker way.)

Congratulations! The cover is gorgeous and I can't wait to read it!

Woot, Amen and Congratulations!!

Super Big Congratulations con Champagne! My local bookstore, BookPeople, in Austin has your novel on order for me. I expect to pick it to be here by Friday, where I have reserved the afternoon to begin reading. I am so happy for your success.

~ Jene

My copy came today! And that sweater is beautiful!

I got a notice from amazon.com saying my book is on the way. Yay!!

Okay, it's after supper and we're curled up on the couches listening to Mozart and I started reading page 24 aloud. I got to the Addi Turbo and my husband burst into laughter and exclaimed, "She's a YOU!" [That's good, really.]

Loved it, couldn't put it down til I was done and am therefore UP LATE AGAIN. Loved the steamy bits, the suspense, and Clara, and the 911 content. And the KNITTING. Sorry for shouting. Reviewed on Amazon.ca (that's what we have here in the great gray north!) Can't wait for the next one!

Congratulations! I tweeted receipt of my kindle edition right after you did and my preordered hard copy has been shipped from Amazon. I've already started reading it on my Kindle. It's wonderful so far...

I'm already halfway through!

"Oh, let me get a compass. Hang on for a really long time while I make one from these leaves" made me laugh out loud on the Tokyo subway. Just so you know.

Okay, here's a picture of me holding my copy! (Posted to twitter, with an amazon link.)


Okay, I've got two reviews up--one at Chappysmom.com and basically the same review again at KnittingScholar.com ... double the audience, right?

AND I posted it to Amazon.com, though that could take up to 48 hours to appear.

Review posted to Goodreads. Will blog it in a day or two -- crazy here trying to get the taxes out the door. Loved the book!

Congratulations! Truly enjoyed the read and (diversion) yesterday. I'm still giggling about the bathtub scene.

Rachael, I've just received a copy of your book in Wellington, NZ, and am looking forward to reading it very, very soon!

It's ordered. I promise you the review, nothing less! Congratulation!

Just finished your book (LOVED IT) and posted comment on Amazon. When will you be coming East to "hang out"???????

Just finished reading - couldn't put it down! I wanted more! Great job - it's fabulous!

I'm a bit late in reading you're announcement as I tend to put off cheking e-mail. I'm hoping to get to meet you when you're in Atlanta but am adding one more item (finding your book) to my list of things to do before 7+ hours on a plane tomorrow. I am thrilled for you!! and love the excerpt and the sweater is really beautiful.

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