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Wanna Hang Out? March 15, 2010

There are three great places we could hang out this week.


Bookshop West Portal, 80 West Portal, San Francisco

Tuesday, March 16th, 7pm

(but get there early, like 6:30, for parking and free wine, because it'll start at 7pm sharp).
I'll do a short reading! You bring a Q, I might have an A! I'll have a gift or two to give away! They'll have the book for sale there, and I'd love to figure out how to really do a proper signing, and you can watch me blush like a hot pepper. (Please don't not come. I'm terrified no one but my family will come. Oh, augh. Nervous.)


Wednesday, March 17th, 7pm EST (4pm on the West Coast)  LINK HERE

This is way cool. I'll be on the radio, and you can either call in live and chat about the book, or email questions in to the show, AND THEY'RE GIVING AWAY FREE YARN! KnitPicks gift certs, to be exact.


Knitter's Studio, 8118 West 3rd St, Los Angeles

Sunday, March 21, 2pm

This is GOING TO BE SO AWESOME. Me, and Crazy Aunt Purl, Laurie Perry, together at last. We'll read a little, chat a little, and yuk it up a bit, too. I can't wait for this one. (I just realized I have no idea where I'm staying that night. I didn't even realize it had come up on me this quickly! I'm flying by the seat of my pants here, people! Wild and crazy, footloose and fancy-free!)

Either way, I'd love to chat with ya, wherever you are. 

And now, I'm going back to sitting on the covered front porch that we redid this weekend. As soon as I hang the curtains, I'll show you a picture. We've reclaimed the room we used for dumping stuff and we've made it into a place to read, write, and watch the world go by. I'm so happy about that. I have sun shining on my neck and cats sitting in the warm spots near me. It's good.


If I were anywhere within half a day's drive, I would definitely come see you blush like a hot pepper.

SO-O-O-O tempted!! It's only an 8 hour drive, and I have tomorrow off (but I do have to work Wednesday. Damn!) Of course it will be a packed house, so I won't be missed. Wish I was closer, would love to get my copy signed

I wish I was on the west coast....

Perfect use of the porch! It's only fair to watch the world go by, since the world watches us go by.

You'll be fine. You'll be awesome. Nervous sucks but, well, it happens. Kiddo had a whole spiel going the other day about all those feelings you get in your stomach, caused by different animals. Wish I could remember them. The one I've held onto (this happened all of Friday or so, not like years ago) - sometimes I have dogs in my stomach. Really? When? When I'm hungry, the dogs growl. Maybe coyotes are the nervous stomach, but I just don't remember. Tigers too. I'll have to ask him. I wonder if he remembers?

Come to NJ!

Your Porch sounds nice. Does Digit still hang out there?

Read your wonderful book this weekend. Can't wait for more.

Oh and the scene with the cat and the bathtub? Hysterical!!!

My copy arrived last night - woo hoo! As soon as I opened the envelope, I started reading by the kitchen window until it got too dark. Then I sat in bed and read the first 200 pages... I only stopped because I *HAD* to get some sleep. I love it -- I want it to go on forever. Yay, Rachael!

Downloaded your book onto the Nook Sunday afternoon! Finished it Sunday evening:) It was such a great, fun read. Now, I am wondering when the next one will be coming out! Congratulations on "HYKALS"!!!!!

I can't make it. :SOB: Kids have a late swim practice & then I have to feed them bec my arrangements fell through (Dad's gotta work). :( What would you say to coming up to the North Bay one of these days soon? Like Santa Rosa? I bet I can arrange a wee party for you at a local store. :) I'm so upset - I didn't get your book because I wanted to buy it and have you sign it tonight. Waaaaa! Off to Amazon....xoxo

Love the porch set-up btw.

Just got back from the east coast, and the jet lag plus the time change plus the lack of sleep are all conspiring against me for tonight. Plus, my children keep looking at me, like I might disappear again, so I probably should stick close to home. But HTKALS came with me across the country, went fishing, visited my sister in the hospital, and kept me company. No pics (camnesia), but it was fun to show people you and the book and then tell them they could buy it in the book store or in Target next month. Good luck and have fun tonight!

This makes me cranky majora. I will be in the Bay Area on Thursday. Not where you are however. Darn. Enjoy EVERY moment
and post every detail for all of us who cant be there.

Wish I weren't on the other side of the country! The book was great, by the way, can't wait for the next one! The part with the cat and the bathtub-if you have cats and dogs in the same house, and you are a bather-it totally happens! About once a week at my house, at least!

So looking forward to meeting you and Laurie on Sunday. Finished my grades so I can read you lovely story tomorrow night.

See you then!

CONGRATULATIONS! Again! I have the preview chapter on my iphone--trying to decide if I like kindle-copy or the real thing. I can't get you to sign the kindle copy though...

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