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Your Chance to Win! March 26, 2010

A free copy of Kristan Higgins's new book, The Next Best Thing, over at the PensFatales, today! She tells a good tale of mortification, I tell you what.


Hi Rachael!
I just finished your book! I loved it. Nobody could talk to me this morning, i was in the action of the last 50 pages.... haaaa!!!!

See my review -in french, but i have a tool on my blog to translate. It's not perfect, but it gives the sense. And it gives the chance for your book to get known from french speakers bilingual.

I even have the picture in the public place that you ask.
I'm right on in the contest!


yarn/books, books/yarn. Sometimes hard to choose, yes? I hope for a win.

OK I picked up my Kindle and immediately downloaded Sweater Quest. This is going to cut into my knitting time this afternoon...

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