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About Saturday's SigningApril 28, 2010

Just a note, if you're planning to come to the signing on Saturday in Columbus (see here), I should make it clear that it's NOT a reading, it's a whole huge room of 300 authors (see here for list), all signing their books. And there's a five dollar cover charge. I just wouldn't want you to drive a long way to say hi, and then find out there are lines and charges. And no reading.

However, I would still LOVE to see you and say hi, iffen you wanna come by.


I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I just saw your book at Target here in Ames, Iowa and picked it up! The baby just went down for a nap, and now I'm going to curl up with my current project and my new book! Can't wait!

Hi Darlin,

I got the book and have begun reading it. What a terrific read! I couldn't put it down and woke up with it in my lap. Thank you also for the lovely inscription. :)

I hope your trip is going well - we'll all be glad to have you home.

Love you, sweetie,


So glad you're having a wonderful time!

Hello Rachael! I don't often comment but I just finished the last book you recomended, "9 Rules to Break..." It was so much fun! I loved your book as well and was looking for any more great romance novel you can recommend? It must be so much fun to be in the loop!

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