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And the Winners Are:April 4, 2010

Drum roll, please!

For the $25 Barnes&Noble gift certs:

Sarah St.

And for the Love Song Sweater:


 - Edited to add - Acluther is Anna, and it's her birthday TODAY. What a fun present! And I'll get to give it to her in person when I meet her for the first time in Maryland at MDSW! I heart the internet, dudes.

If you have any interest in cinema verite, here's the actual drawing. This is me, from bed, up and at the desk. It's not pretty, but it's GRITTY and REAL, people. (Snerk.) This is what a writer looks like. (No, really. I wear this sweater every day. Every. Single. Day.)


ooh, you are going to MSAW? It's my favorite event all year, plus it is only 30 mins from my house - would really love to meet you in person!

that was truly so cool to see you in the flesh so to speak and hear you talking too.. so different than i expected.. at least i won't miss you at SS if i hear you! happy easter and lots of hugs!

How cool. It's almost like seeing you in person.

Congratulations winners! Wooohooo!

MDSW -- you're coming?! Maybe we can do a meetup? I'd love to meet you in person!

Yes, clearly a Yarnagogo meetup is in order.

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