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Come Say Hi! April 21, 2010

I'm getting ready to travel! Woot! I'll be at Stitches South in Atlanta all weekend, at the Carolina Homespun booth. Come say hello!

And then I'll be in Columbus next week, and I'll be back at the Carolina Homespun booth on the Sunday of Maryland Sheep and Wool* so I'd love to meet you if possible.


And oh, my goodness, I'm at work tonight (3am, just three more hours to go), then I'll get off work, go home, try to install mobile broadband on my computer** (ACK!), finish some laundry, pay some bills, and PACK before getting on the plane. I'm not counting on getting a nap before I leave, although it would be nice. There is something soothing about dropping exhausted onto a plane, though, isn't there? It'll be like a daytime red-eye flight for me. I used to say I didn't sleep on planes, but it isn't true -- I don't sleep GRACEFULLY on planes, that's all. If you're seated next to me and I snore a bit, I hope you won't mind.

* I'll never forget when my friend Monica heard me say Sheep and Wolf Festival instead of Sheep and Wool Festival. It does, indeed, sound like that, and it is, indeed, alarming heard that way.

** Mobile broadband, through my cell phone attached to my computer -- going with this through Verizon for the two weeks I'll be gone, since it'll be way cheaper than using hotel wifi anywhere (and you can cancel it when you come home!). Here's hoping it works. We're living in the future, people. Where's my jetpack?


Your itinerary sounds way more fun than most book tours, you lucky girl.

Yay, yay, yay!

I will be at MDSW on Saturday! We have to meet up!

Welcome to Columbus! When you're here, if you have time, check out Wonder Knit and Temptations for some stash enhancement.

Rachael, serious question here! When do you ever sleep? You always seem so very busy...you need more rest, girl!

Ooh, I'm taking the 11:55 am to ATL tomorrow. Are you on it so I can ply you with booze?

Will you be at MDS&W both days? I'll try to come by to say hi! What fun!

I wish i were there to say hi. Just bought your book, can't wait till the weekend to delve into it.
Watch out for Wolves. :)

Have a great trip! Taking your iPad? Can't wait to hear what you think about it . . .

Hi Rachel! Can't wait to meet you! I'll be busy weaving a shawl Sunday morning, but I'll come see you after the Sheep to Shawl contest. My team is the Chesapeake Spinners and Weavers, the contest starts at eight, maybe you can stop and say "Hi" on your way in!

Hope your flights go well.

Beth P.

Hi Rachael,
I just received your book from Amazon, and am so looking forward to it! I haven't read a romance novel in 20+ years, but am returning to the genre just for you. I was charmed and delighted to hear you reading from it at the knitters studio in LA last month.

Best wishes,

I was able to meet you at Stiches South this weekend. I was so excited to see you there and get an authographed book. I've read so many good reviews about your book. I can't wait to start it.

meet you in atlanta at stitches. Just finished your book. IT was really great. I loved how the charters went back and forth and all the ways she got the shop going. It was just wonderful reading . I know my friends will love this also.
Thanks for a great book.

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