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Leah finds the book in Target!April 15, 2010


My friend Stephanie's daughter Leah finds the book. I think no one has smiled that big to find it since *I* did. What a face!


Adorable! What a sweetie.

oh what a little cutie pie!


What a doll!
Hey, I was on BART the other day and noticed someone reading the book with a HUGE smile on her face. It's everywhere! :)

The Best. Face. Ever!

I bought it today in Target!!! Looking forward to curling up with it this weekend.

Ok, I'm a bit prejudice, but, she IS adorable!! Great find Leah! How come you didn't get it for gma?

Wonderful. So cute! yeah!!!

Hi. I have read the book and really enjoyed it. Here in Australia though, it is called Eliza's Gift as you have listed on your site. I really like the title How to knit a love song better though. It sounds very quaint and comfy and romantic!! Loved the plot and characters in your book though! Great read.

Leah's cute smile sold me. ;-) I had to go to 2 Target stores to find your book, I just luv Target! I can't wait to relax and enjoy a get away about a cowboy.

Hi there!
I just wanted to drop by and say hi. I just finished reading your book and I absolutely loved it. I have a blog, where I wrote about your book today:



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