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There are hummingbirds trying to feed at the iron gate in front of the house. I'm pretty sure it's not going that well.

I went ziplining yesterday. The darling Canadians set it up for San Francisco (it's free, for the next nine days, in Justin Herman Plaza), and even though there was quite a wait, it was WORTH IT.

From the top, looking out:


Me, getting ready to go:

(My hands were shaking -- I was more scared than I thought I would be. It's only because I rock climb and trust harnesses that I was okay, I think.)

Looking at what I would step off into:


And then THIS IS ME! I'm the close one, and sister Bethany is the far one.


And this is my favorite one:


You can see by then I'm hanging out and loving it. I wanted to stretch my arms and legs out and FLY. And I did.

And then, when we got down and met Lala on the ground, I went and bought an iPad.

Ahem. More flying.


This is the one splurge I've bought myself with book money. (This and my Danskos!) A treat. And I'll use it to write -- the Pages program makes sending yourself .doc documents a SNAP. Ohmygoodness, so easy. Unbelievable. I tried it and my mouth literally dropped open. And I already own the wireless keyboard that it talks to, and and and.... it's a writer's dream come true. 

Plus the games are so damn cool.

(For those who want to know, I got the 32GB, and I didn't worry about waiting for the WiFi + 3G, because even with that opt-in/out AT&T plan, it's still AT&T, and I do NOT like them, and I don't plan on giving them my money. There are enough wireless hotspots in the world that my little iPad (nicknamed Eliza) will be very happy without it.)

Hoo. Big day.

And tonight! Two of my all-time favorite bands are playing, Cheetahs on the Moon and Rube Waddell in a big double-header at Bottom of the Hill, and tomorrow I'm reading at A Verb for Keeping Warm, so GOOD TIMES.


Wow! This looks like fun!

(a) I love that you named your iPad Eliza. Though really, what else would you name her?
(b) if I still lived there and worked at my old job in SF, I would have been able to watch you ziplining from my office.

You're awesome! And the ipad...drool.

Dude, life is good!

Congrats on your new iPad! Eliza's a great name for her. ;-)

Just finished your book and LOVED it. What more can a knitter ask for - a steamy love story that has fiber in it!

I found your book by reading Susan B. Anderson's blog. I just finished it and loved it! I was so glad to see the link to tell me about Clara, I was wondering. Can't wait for book number 2!

How completely freakin' COOL!!!

If you haven't thought of a project for your Cypress Hollow Red yarn yet take a look at the latest Classic Elite Newsletter- a cozy for your Kindle or Eliza might be just the thing. http://www.classiceliteyarns.com/WebLetter/134/Issue134.php

OMG you are a braver person than I am!! I would have looked at that view and passed out!!

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