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Lynn Gets MeApril 2, 2010

At last, SOMEONE does. Finally, a review that really gets at the REAL heart of what my book is about. Here's an excerpt of Lynn's exceptionally insightful review:

How to Knit a Love Song  by Rachael Herron is a novel with a little bit of everything. It’s primarily a book about emergency dispatchers, with a few love scenes, sheep, trucks and yarn thrown in to attract a broader audience. Don’t mistake me; those sections of the novel are not slighted in the least, but the scenes with the emergency dispatchers were what kept me riveted to the pages. I could easily picture the dispatcher clutching her headset, focused on extracting all the details of the call, and with lightning quick responses, calling in the services that would be needed to bring about a happy ending.

Yes. Really, it's a ponderous tome about emergency services, difficult to parse, and I'm glad Lynn was able to get to the heart of the matter. It should be noted she posted it on April 1st. I suppose that might have something to do with it. Ahem.

A winner has been drawn for Adrienne's book, Sweater Quest: CCR in MA - I've emailed you privately, congrats! The BIG DRAWING for the sweater and the bookstore gift certs will occur on Sunday.

And that, my ducks, is all for now. I have a Digit on my lap who is demanding all my attention.



Awww!!! Give Digit a kiss from me!


A very fine review of a very fine book, indeed.

I love how you hint at the suspense and build it a bit at a time until the crescendo is truly dynamic.

Excuse me? This reviewer does not knit. This reviewer never heard of Elizabeth Zimmerman. Glad she liked it but....... If it was about emergency dispatchers I would not have enjoyed it near as much. She also neglected to review the fun interactions with the local ranchers. sheesh!

Looking forward to your next one.

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