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On The Round RoundupApril 27, 2010

1. Stitches South was awesome. I met approximately one bazillion knitters, and sold a bunch of books, and spent time with the amazing Carolina Homespun booth (Morgaine, Lann, and Nada), and grinned like a fool-idiot for hours at a time. Best parts? When strangers who hadn't ever heard of my blog came up to me and told me that they'd loved the book. One woman told me she'd forgotten to pick up her kids at school as she raced to the end of it. Heh. And I met long-time readers who felt like old friends. Oh, yay. Loved it.

2. Saw the gang.

Look how cute the twins are with their babies, one out, one in. ADORABLE.

3. Hotels rock for sleep. I had one rough night (and the convention center kept giving me killer headaches that would almost morph into migraines and then get chased away by sleep), but for the most part, I sleep so well in hotels. Especially in this Best Western in Columbus (near the airport). Dang, this is a fine, cheap Pricelined hotel with a huge, comfortable bed, pretty furnishings, not-too-stale air, and a shuttle driver (Frederick) who puts all the others to shame (and he's a writer!). But today I move again, to be closer to the Romantic Times convention.

4. Today I get to go yarn-crawling with editor Theresa Stevens of Red Sage. We're making a tradition of it, convention-wise, and I think it's a very fine thing to do. And she rocks.

5. I am so glad we don't, have never, and never will have a TV in the bedroom. I learned last night how fun it is to flip channels (I NEVER FLIP CHANNELS) and watch dumb TV in bed. No wonder so many people do it! I'd have a serious TV problem if there were one in the bedroom. And there's nothing like falling asleep in front of Hoarders to stir up dreams of chaos. (Can't wait to get home and tear apart and reorganize my office. I will finally do it, I swear.)

6. Just ate free breakfast from downstairs. I never knew eggs could come shaped like that. 

7. More adventures coming!


you are so funny, secret office hoarder. i'm glad you are having such a great time!

So glad you checked in! I want to believe that if I were a better knitter,I would go to all the fun conventions and have cool knitter friends. Now I just live vicariously!

Dishcloth Knitters Unite!

So glad to hear we're not the only ones against TVs in the bedroom! I've been the odd-woman out for so long...rightly so I think! Awesome that you're having a good time! :)

I'm glad you're having fun!

"I never eggs could come shaped like that!"

Do I *want* to know?

I love Theresa too. Enjoy the yarn crawl.

Have a wonderful time yarn-crawling with Theresa - I wish I could be there with you both! I have so any great memories of our yarn-crawl in SF. Please give each other a hug from me!

The only time I ever flip channels is in hotels. Must be something in the air.

And...... I read your book over the weekend, and I loved it! I don't read romances, and even though I pre-ordered it from Amazon, I'd sort of put off reading it because, well - I don't read romances. But I really, really enjoyed yours, and I can't wait for the next one (which I hope includes a feisty old cat named Digit).

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