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Reading in the Beast! April 5, 2010

(East Bay is pig latin, don'tcha know.)

I'm reading this Saturday at A Verb for Keeping Warm, and I would REALLY love to see you.
2703 7th St #147, Berkeley.

The reading's at 2pm, and then we'll just hang out for a bit, I think. They'll have books for sale, as well as great fiber and yarn and there might even be light snackage and there will be plenty of laughing. There always is.

Okay, business is over. Now I have to confess something.

You know how I feel about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). And by association (let's call it that), I have that tiny intellectual crush (let's call it intellectual) on Chris Baty, its founder. I've confessed it here before. It's not a national secret.

However, then he had to go and bring up the knitting. And there is now documented fiber-talk. Ha!



Loved the interview. And I can totally see you in that cardigan!

What a great interview. I was panting right along with you at the end!! My daughter is reading your book while I finish up another for book club -- it's next on my list! Can't wait.

Only in a knitters world! I ran across your Knitty Summer 2004 article, Knitting is Sexy, and loved it so much I clicked on the link to your blog to see more, and (in the best Lime and Violet Squee) I find you are the author of a book I had been contemplating on buying for myself out of my monthly allowance! Now I deffinately have to buy the book and get busy reading!

Great interview.

I just finished your book yesterday. I really enjoyed it! I also got a really big kick out of the fact that I "know" the author... that made it twice as much fun to read. Congrats!!

Loved your novel...Fun and great read. thanks for the knitting content. It cracked me up. I can just see the puzzlement on a non-knitter's face as they read all about knitting and yarn and fleece yada yada. Guess they'll just have to join in and love what we do! cg

That's a very fun interview! I'll see you on Saturday at AVFKW.

Please, universe, let the stars align so I can make it on Saturday. This whole interstate moving thing is a huge pain and I'm sick of it and I need a reward and giving me Saturday would be great. Thanks.

(And if the universe continues to knock me around, I promise to have the good grace to hope you all have a wonderful time, and to not wallow in self pity -- well, not too much!)

Loved the book, had me cracking up in bed... to the point where I had to tweet you when I finished at 12:45am.

your signing on Saturday right??
Been hoping to get a signed copy since meeting you at stitches!

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