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The Avett BrothersApril 18, 2010

Ahhhh. I just got home from an Avett Brothers show, and I'm here to tell you (again) that you should go see them when you can. They put on a show like no one else -- they just get up and play -- no real on-stage banter, just music.

And if you don't know them yet, I have a feeling you will. They're the real deal. So here's a little primer set of videos for your enjoyment.

#1 A whole show! Three acoustic songs in the NPR offices. OH SO GOOD.

#2 This is a little of what it's like to be at a show:

#3 Murder in the City.

I love this song. Oh, oh, oh. (And tonight, when he sang the last verse, he substituted "my daughter" and "her mother" for "sister" and "mother." The awwwws from the women in the crowd curled upward like smoke. 

If you buy one album, I'd buy Emotionalism. Enjoy.


I agree wholeheartedly. they are electric in concert - singing their hearts out. and I *think* my two favorite songs of theirs are "shame" and "the weight of lies." but i change my mind about that pretty much every day. ;)

Thank you for sharing the Avett Brothers! I am in complete love.

I caught their show last night at the Grand Sierra in raunchy Reno and they so ROCKED IT! Totally mixed crowd gave them a great reception! Whats not to LOVE about these guys and their great energy?

LOVE the Avett Brothers, but haven't been lucky enough to see them in person yet :-)

LOVE them! Unfortunately for me, everyone else in Boulder, CO loves them as well. They sold out very quickly here.

Ooo - thank you for sharing. I'd never heard of them and I love those songs!! Yay!

Ok, so my comment has nothing at all to do with this post :) I found your book and your blog via Craftlit. I heard the interview with you a couple weeks ago, and when I was in the mood for some fun reading yesterday, I checked Heather's show notes via my iphone so I could find your name. I was delighted to find your book right there at the Barnes & Noble I was in!

I just wanted to tell you the book was quite delightful, as you can probably guess since I bought it last night and have already finished it. I'm looking forward to your next book!

Love it! Thanks so much!

Thanks! I just purchased on iTunes.

Thanks so much for posting about The Avett Brothers, I bought I and Love and You and I and Love and It! I will be buying more of their music as soon as I can!

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