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Drive-byMay 1, 2010

Did you know that Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland are really close to each other? Dude! It was the weirdest thing, driving through all four in five hours. In California, I can get to the other side of Oakland in the same time (almost).

Just a quick post before hitting the Super 8 sheets (MAN, does Maryland smell good right here -- woodsmoke and trees and something delicious blooming), but today's signing was great fun. The highlight was this:


Crystal was DARLING. She held my sock (photo idea a la Yarn Harlot), and she made my day. Oh, and reader Kate coming by! (We didn't do a picture, but it was great to meet her, too.) 

I am so lucky.

And sleepy. Bed now. More driving and then Maryland Sheep and Wool tomorrow! WOOT!


I trIed to find you when I drivedown from PA today, but u didn't see you. :( I was all set to have you sign my iPod touch, from which I am reading your book on my kindle app. :)

it was H.O.T today!!! But I had a great time - except for not seeing you and introducing myself. Whas funny is that I got a glimpse f you 2 years ago as I was leaving the lot at Rhinebeck ... Or was that MDSW. Either way, it was "hey! I know her!" husband: "want me to stop?" me: "no. She first know me and that would be weird." but now you're PUBLIsHED. You have papparazzi! ;)

have fun tomorrow. Sorry I missed you! Maybe rhinebeck. Hehe.

Sorry for the typos. Long day + iPod = typos.

First = doesn't. :)


I have no idea if my post just posted so if I'm posting twice forgive me! looking forward to meeting you tomorrow! Have a safe drive in!

have fun and be careful! working up my courage to attempt socks again....

I know! I grew up in AZ and I always get super-lost on the East coast because everything is so close together. I can't tell you how many laps I've had of various cities because I'm used to having a full mile (or at LEAST a half mile) between streets on a city map, not a block. Not to mention that damn bridge out of DC that ends up in Virginia every single time! (My aunt pointed out that I should probably realize that I'm screwed as soon as I'm on the bridge, and not wait until I see the Welcome to Virginia sign, but I still maintain (futile) hope that the bridge somehow goes to not-Virginia).

Also, the fact that my sense of direction rivals that of a potato may be a contributing factor, but I'm sticking with the "they put everything too close together and have poor/confusing signage" theory.

I grew up around there, so yes I do know how close they all are. In fact you probably drove right by my hometown of Morgantown, WV.

And BTW I just finished your book and I loved it! The end was especially thrilling and touching.

It's certainly a beautiful time of year to be driving around that countryside! Did you drive up from Atlanta through the Carolinas? My soul lives in the Carolinas.

And I'm just a sucker for road trips.

I saw the book at Target in Napa yesterday. Just wanted to pop in and say congrats again!!! You are so awesome!

I hope you enjoyed Md. Sheep and Wool today - yesterday it was 90 jillion degrees and there were eleventy jillion people there! It was so crowded that by the time I left at noon, having been there 4 hours, you couldn't get into the barns!

It's a rocking event!

My BF is from California and Arizona, and he feels the same way about all the states being so much closer together. New England is crazier. If you drive the distance through PA and OH, you can go through at least 5 states.

I just wanted to say that I got a copy of your book at my local BnN, read it, and loved it. Great work.

So pretty in person. Sorry I was such a geek but I was star struck to find you at Md Sheep & Wool!

It was a pleasure meeting you on Sunday at Sheep and Wool. I just finished the book today (it is a wonderful read).
--Jessica Kaufman

It was lovely meeting you yesterday. I hope the heat (esp during the afternoon) didn't set off a migraine!

Just wanted to say how nice it was to meet you in "real life" Sunday!
I started reading the book that night figuring I'd skim it before dinner... had to force myself to put it down a quarter way through so I could sit at the table with everyone else before my hamburger got cold.
I can't wait to see how it ends...

By the way, thanks for making Crystal's and Pauline's day. They (especially Crystal) were talking about it all weekend. :)

So nice to meet you in person and surprised to see you with Morgaine right next to my sister, Lawre! Can't wait to start your book, I've heard such good things. Hope you have a good trip home. jane

It is even more jam packed around Delaware. In under 3 hours you can get to NYC, DC, Jersey, Philly, Maryland or parts of Virginia. Talk about close. And if you ever make it to Delaware good luck with finding street signs. I'm originally from PA and have given up. The (hated) navigation system gets more use here than ever before.

You know, I think I saw you at MD S&W and I just said "nah, must be hallucinating from my sunburn" and didn't investigate it. Guess I was wrong and you were there. Ah well. Next time. Hope you enjoyed Maryland (and if I'm right about your drive, possibly Pittsburgh and Harpers Ferry).

Hi: It was great meeting you at the conference in Atlanta. I immediately bought your book and absolutely loved it. I hated to finish it. Keep up the good work.
Diane B.

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