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It's Been QuietMay 20, 2010

round these parts, hasn't it? I've been sick with the 'flu, and I'm only now starting to feel better, although this morning I woke up with a sore throat, which is highly irritating. I had this whole drama planned out in my head while I was lying in bed this morning. I would go to the bathroom with my flashlight, I planned, peer in my throat using my flashlight, and I would find that I had strep on my TONSILS which would have grown back.

(I've had my tonsils out twice in the last seven years.)

When I went and checked in the mirror, I didn't find strep spots, and I still have no tonsils.

Whew. Because that would have sucked. (And I'm sure the doctor I offended last time wouldn't be happy to see me.)


You are multi-talented. Growing back body parts is hard. lol
Hope you get over the sick.

That was a terrible drama you had planned out! But what's up with the sick after being sick? Happening in our house too (poor sniffly kid).

Back to healthy soon!

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