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Monday FunMay 24, 2010

I have a signing on Thursday at Barnes & Noble and I hope it's not like this. (But if it is, I'm TOTALLY singing this song. Enjoy.)


Thanks for the laugh and that will SO NOT happen for you!!

I'm sure your line will rival Mary Higgins Clark's. I loved your book. It was fantastic and I can't wait for the next one.

Oh. My. God. That is freakin' hilarious!!!! And so true. Hope all sorts of people come out to see you, but I'm sure they will. :)

When are you coming up north? :whine:

You've got knitter's on your side--I don't think you need to worry about being lonely! Adorable little song, though.

I hope that never happens to you! Just finished the book and I really liked it. Thanks for writing it.

Very cute video.
But knitters are different than mystery readers!

Sing it anyway! Even though it won't be quite the same with a bunch of folks there.

(I'm signing in the WaldenBooks with a bunch of fo-olks there) (Nope, not quite the same sound to it)

(Hope to go Thursday to Emeryville or Saturday to Alameda. Saturday's easier for me, but no cool fundraiser thingy!)

Dear Rachael, this sure is a cute romance novel. I have been reading it during my lunch breaks at work on my iPod and am enjoying it very much. By the way, the Kindle software is really cool and works great on the iPod touch. I think you have captured the dream of many blogging knitters, which is to own a cottage/workshop, spin and knit, teach classes, sell fiber, write a book and live on a farm with sheep and alpaca and last but not least get it down with a great looking cowboy. That definitely could be my dream. Ah, and don't forget the location of Cypress Hollow, totally my kind of place. Your story made me laugh and blush at my desk. Thank you for making me look forward to my break and entertaining me with Abigail and Cade's romantic advances as well as the fiber related details - the chapter headings by E.C. are wonderful and of course I was expecting a pattern at the end. Thanks. I look forward to your next book. Susanne

LOL, well, that didn't happen, thank goodness. And did you notice that the bookstore front he walks past is actually a Barnes & Noble?

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