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RelaxedMay 28, 2010

The reading last night at Barnes and Noble was super fun. I was pretty nervous about it, just because I really wanted NaNoWriMo to make a little money from it, so it felt like it was More Important than other readings where I'm just happy to show up and read and chat a little.


I tried to talk Chris Baty into spinning, but no go. Just as well, I had something up with my brake band, and it was a little frustrating. I'll work on that later today. Marieke over there, with her pretty wheel, was the one who set up the reading (also big props to Barbara, event coordinator, who was awesome, too!). 

Today: I'm going to try not to kill the kid on my street who just got one of those damn scooters. We've been blessedly scooter-free in this area, and I've always been so happy about it. No more. (Hey, kid, get offa my lawn!)

Also, I'm going to write. Oh, yes, I am. I've missed a couple of days this week with 55 hours being worked in 4 days, so I have some catching up to do.

But I thought I'd share an oldie but goodie -- I think I may have posted this here before, but I can't remember, so here's proof our Willie cat is relaxed about most things:


Okay, that video is unreal. It's a stuffed cat, right? Right?

No! It's really Willie! :)

A perfect reading! Spinning and books, oh my!

Those damned scooters are just like the seadooby thingies on lakes. Annoying like a mosquito in your ear, but louder. Good luck not killing anybody! It's a gorgeous day for it.

I love the sweater you're wearing. Will the pattern be in your second book? I don't remember you posting about this one.

That is one very relaxed cat. Our vet has a clinic cat like him-- he jumps up on the bench and lets our Bernese Mountain mix rub his tummy with her nose.

How is Clementine working out?

Mrow! That was cute!!

The kid a couple of houses down just got a scooter, too, and I''ve just about had it already. It sounds like he's riding a lawnmower up and down the road.

i think i'm in love with your shoes!

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