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ReorganizationMay 6, 2010

I have a new office! Okay, it's still the old one, but boy howdy, did I clean it up and out. I spent 7 hours today working HARD.

And this is true: I'm a neatnik. Things have to be in their place. Ask Lala. But no one would have been able to tell in the last three months. I've been working so much that the office, already cluttered, just got worse and worse, and I literally didn't have time to fix it.

But this week, I vowed I'd clean, but good.

And because everyone loves a before shot or two, here's



Oh, God, I'm actually embarrassed. Suitcase from the weeks gone, still not unpacked. The ball I never sit on. The bike covered in sweaters. Let's move to the next one.


There's actually a printer under all that crap, and I had to use it yesterday. This is what it looked like AFTER being used. Sigh.

Dumping zone. Nothing more needs to be said. 

But now? After working all afternoon? My office is AWESOME.


I like that I put the wheeled things together. Hee.



I have room! Space! Order!

Just in time to start working again on Book Three (Book Two is out of my hands, with the copy editor.)

There really isn't anything as satisfying to me as putting things to right. You would not, however, know that when I'm doing it. There's isn't a bigger whiner-slash-grumbler than me. I walk around the whole time, moaning about how difficult everything is (I carted almost everything out into the living room at La's suggestion, and every time I thought I was getting anywhere, I'd remember all the crap that was still in the living room. I decided we would just have to move).

But it's done now, seven bags of garbage outside, four for donation, three for recycling. (I even threw away a few UFOs -- acrylic nonsense that I had no reason to hang onto for this long. That felt good.)

That noise you hear is me sighing in happiness. Ahhh.


STUNNING. That's a heck of a lot of work. I'm impressed.

It looks beautiful. And I have to ask, are those all sweaters you have knit??

I'm jealous - you HAZ an office!

Looks like you and I had the same kind of week. I'm still tweaking, but office organization is slowly coming along...

I need to do this! It's on my agenda for the weekend. We'll see if it happens :)

The office looks great.

I just stopped by to let you know that I mentioned your book on my fledgling video podcast (episode 4). You can find it at


Congratulations - it looks fabulous!

Girl, I am SO with you on loving to put things right and reorganize . . . my guy teases me that "decluttering and reorganizing" is one of my biggest hobbies.

Yay organization! That must be so satisfying. You win...a brand new office!

Cool. And just how do you get all the folded sweaters to be the same size? Very effective.

I just love me a good closet cleaning/room organizing. I've been so busy that not only does my office need a few hours,I've been using the entire guest room as a dumping ground. My solution has been to close the door. Send me up some of your cleaning mojo, or more importantly your throwing away recycling mojo!

Book 3!?! - yay. I finally found your book in Target last weekend and spent Monday & Tuesday doing little else than reading. It was delicious, :)

I love order too, but with two boys under the age of 6 it's hard to come by these days.

aaaahhhhhh. feels great. ;)


It's always heartening to see it can be done.

(which is a nice way of saying I'm insanely jealous and have a few spots/rooms of my own to deal with)

Hoo boy. I am so with you. Nothing makes me feel worse than mess and chaos... yet somehow, all around me? mess and chaos. YAY on the big clean-out.

(PS You seen your goddaughter's latest pic? :-) )

PPS - whoops! I see you did see. Sorry, for some reason my comments on that blog never get emailed to me so I tend to miss them...

So excited for book three!! I cast in my love song last night! Are those hardbouns copies of h2ka<3 s. How do we get our hands on one of those????

Okay maybe I will get into my studio and clean this weekend. Um, it looks like your office but with fabric, fiber and books. Or would you like to come back East to clean it for me?

I need to get it cleaned up so I can try to paint it this summer. And it would be nice to get a wheel in that room so there is only one in the living room.

Excellent- now you can move forward! I have been cleaning a lot after reading the tip about organizing: (from thehappinessproject.com). Don't organize, throw away. Then organize what you keep. I am still in the throwing away-giving away stage!!

I'm ready for book #2 when will it be released? Now with everything organized it will also unclutter your thoughts. I enjoyed Knit a Love Song so much I had a friend teach me how to knit last weekend. A scarf will be my first project (knit and purl only). Enjoy your weekend. ;o)

Good for you!

I find that unless my office/studio/den/work/fun space is immaculate I cannot get a thing done creative wise:) Might just have to do a big clean tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!

I need to do this so I can actually have a place to teach voice students... and *ahem* so I can move around my apartment....

PS: I am envious of your bright blue music stand.

Looks Great! Great to hear there's a book 2 done! I can't wait to read your next book.

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