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Save the Date! May 12, 2010

Reading and NaNoWriMo:

Hey! I'm going to be reading at Barnes and Noble in Emeryville on May 27th at 7pm! I hope you can come. I think I might give ya'll a sneak peek into How to Knit a Heart Back Home (Book Two). What do you think?

But what's REALLY cool is that it's a fundraiser for the Young Writer's Program of NaNoWriMo! B&N is donating a percentage of all sales made in the store that day with THIS VOUCHER to the program. Isn't that awesome? I'm kind of beside myself about it.

And you don't have even have to come to hear me to support the YWP -- if you buy anything at Barnes and Noble on May 27th online, you can just enter their site HERE and put in the voucher code (10207074) and support them that way.

(Oooh! How about this, just for fun? If you DO buy something from B&N that day online and use the voucher code, then let me know, and I'll email you the same sneak peek into the next book. The Young Writer's Program is insanely awesome, and they thank you in advance.)

And another thing:
Do you know about Brenda Novak's annual auction? She raises a LOT of money every year to fund research for diabetes and the PensFatales have donated a gift basket (includes an autographed copy of my book as well as LOTS of other great things) and critique.


Details on gift basket HERE and critique of your first 30 pages HERE.

And one more thing:

I like you.



Woooohoooooooo! I'm so excited!!

I like you, too!

Wow! There you were in my Knitter's Review this morning! Congrats!

ooops, I hit enter too fast. Here's the link..

Congratulations on your review in Knitter's Review!

The Book has moved from the bedside table to the carry on bag for my trip next week. I had to hide it from myself as I'm so anxious to read it. So if any one is at the Pool at the Flamingo on Saturday, I'll be the one with my nose in Rachel's book! Come on over and say Hey - but wait until it looks like I'm at the end of a chapter!

Would you write your impressions of the Maryland Wool and Sheep Festival? I am curious what you think.

Rachael, do you have any updates on how many books you have old? jut curious. I did see it at the cincinnati Target. mary in cincinnati

Need to plan on attending. Sounds like so much fun.

Good grief. Thank you so much for supporting the NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program, Rachael!

If anyone else would like to read a little bit about the Young Writers Program and our mission to transform the world's K-12 students into high-velocity novelists, there's a great article from Edutopia magazine about the YWP here: http://www.edutopia.org/arts-national-novel-writing-month

We're so excited for the 27th!


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