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Some Things (and a BIG radish)June 4, 2010

First, let me say that this is the biggest radish I've ever seen. At first, when I pulled it up, I thought it was a big beet, but then I cut into it, to make sure. Yep, radish. Shoe for scale.(E.T.A.: That's Clementine there, not Miss Idaho, as Erika first thought.)


Lala and my nephew share a birthday, and since he was born last year in Korea, this is the first one they shared. (The first birthday is a VERY big deal in Korea, so we're having a party tomorrow to celebrate. Can't wait!) 

Lala teaches him to blow raspberries. He's a natural, just like his aunt.

What, this toy? It doesn't present a problem to either of them.

They win!

Sushi afterward in the City. A good day. (Don't worry! This isn't a new sweater -- I got it at a thrift store. But I'd like to duplicate it. It's CUTE, and I hate wearing a sweater everyone thinks I made...) (Oh! Also, my wonderful agent Susanna also shares their birthday. I think that day is AWESOME.)

And lastly:

Tomorrow, Saturday June 5th, I'll be part of a panel of writers giving a panel at Borders in Alameda at 7pm. You should come if you can -- it'll be fun.

Christine London / Spicy contemporary romance with a Brit twist

JoAnn Smith Ainsworth / Lushly sensual historical romance
Karin Harlow / dark tales of suspense, love and things that go bump in the night
Rachael Herron / Sexy contemporary with a hint of danger
Patricia Simpson / Award-winning author of paranormal romance

And for those of you on the Central Coast, I'm reading in San Luis Obispo at Yarns...at the Adobe on Friday, June 18th, at 4pm. I would LOVE to see you.


Great post. Excellent pictures of all the cuteness.

Here is what happened inside my head:

1. "That radish isn't so big. I mean, I guess maybe. Kinda."

2. *clicks for big*

3. "OH HOLY CRAP THAT'S CLEMENTINE NOT MISS IDAHO. Okay, that IS a really big radish!"

Started reading your book today and can't put it down. (Hard to type this while reading!) Had to check out your blog and after reading this post -- adopted my sons in 1988 from S. Korea. They were 4 and 5 years of age. Check out this post - http://fortheloveoffiber.typepad.com/for_the_love_of_fiber/2010/05/flying-high-on-april-30th-1.html . Gotta get back to my book!!!!!!

I am a little afraid of your radish. Will you eat it, or carve it into a fancy decorative radish-flower?

Love that sweater but, GAH! That's a LOT of purling!

The pics of Lala and nephew are beyond adorable; especially the "we win!" one :D

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