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Happy Birthday, Little MamaJune 7, 2010

I know, it's been all mom all the time around here. We're missing her a lot this time of year. It's her birthday today and in a week or so it'll be the 2nd anniversary of her death.

Bethany dug out some great pictures for us, and I found one I've never posted here (of knitterly interest! It still exists 'round here!).

You already know the story of the sweater of hers I replicated just before she died? Here I am wearing it:


And here she is in hers:


What a great shot, huh?

All is well here; we celebrated nephew Isaac's first birthday and Lala's *mumble* birthday. Big parties, raucous celebration, Isaac and Lala both had their first beers (just kidding! It wasn't his first!).

Lala got a super-cool fanny pack hip holster that she's been dying for, and she's pretty happy with it. I'm stealing my sister's photo again, since I haven't dealt with my pics yet:


And I had a touch of stomach flu. But it was brief, and I'm all better.

(Gah. I feel like lately I come here and just put up pictures and tell you what I've been doing. Where is the introspection? The deep thoughts? The carefully crafted intricate lines between meaning and emotion? I ain't got none of that here lately, and I hope you don't mind. I feel rather pulled in quite a few directions lately, all of them good, but I hope you don't think we're losing touch, because we're not. We're as close as ever. MWAH! And OH GOD, you don't know the best news. I got a portable air conditioner that I can move between the bedroom and the office. I might survive summer after all.)


Happy Birthday Little Mama! And Lala! And Isaac! Glad you had such a good weekend, and yay for your portable air conditioner. I cannot imagine making it through summer without one.

But I love you putting up pictures and telling us what you're up to!
Beautiful work on the cardi btw.

portable A/C for the win!
little mama was so pretty.
and the holster is stylin'. ;)
later, chica.

I remember when you decided you were going to replicate that sweater. You really did an excellent job on it. *hugs* for you on missing your little mother.

Holster is definitely stylin and the "They Win!" shot is absolutely the best! We're pushing 100 degrees in Denver today (when the heck was Spring?) so summer is just too hot to craft intricate lines between meaning and emotion. Really.

I know how hard anniversaries are. In a 2 month period this spring we had my boyfriend's birthday, the 2nd anniv of my daughter's death (car accident), the 1st anniv of my boyfriend's death (cancer, diagnosed 2 months after DD died), and DD's birthday. My birthday was somewhere in the middle of all that. It's mind numbing to even write it all down.

LOVE the pics of Little Mama, especially with your matching sweaters.

Chin up, remember the good memories, cry when you need to, and relish all the wonderful things in your life.

Hey, don't worry about it! The path runs fast and it runs slow, buddies are buddies, you're still very you even though you think you should be different. Enjoy the ride.

Portable air conditioner?!! I need one of those!

Oh yes: Happy Birthdays to all, great photos, great gifts.

(the air conditioner got my attention. It started getting too warm upstairs this weekend)

Love the pictures of the two sweaters.

Glad to hear you like the portable air conditioner, I had seen them on tv but never in person.

Totally LOVE the sweater-wearing Dynamic Duo! So cool!!
It makes me wish I had such a cool sweater that my Mom made! (Instead, I have her sweater of many colors! Yikes! At least she made it big enough that I can now wear it. Well.... not in public, mind you! Still love it tho! LOL!!!)

Do you know where the holster was purchased? Or what brand? I know just the person who needs one! Thank you.

Love the photos of Jan. Thinking of you as memories crowd in.

Congratulations on the A/C.
Wonderful photo of your mother!

Mama: sniff!
Lala: sexay!

Very nice photos of your mom! Love the sweater!
And a very nice hip holster your cowboygirl got ;-))

Happy b-day to all, young and 'older'. And you got your own cowboygal too.
Love that picture of Lala.

I can't believe it has been 2 years. It seems like it was just last year. My thoughts are with you.

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