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New Sweater! June 26, 2010

that I will probably rarely wear.

Sadly, I'm just not happy with it. I've taken a few pictures, and trust me, it looks optimal in these. You might leave nice comments that it looks fine, yadda yadda, but truly, these are the best of the bunch. The fit isn't right, and I just don't know how to adjust it so that it is. I might be almost ready to give up (after wearing it for a couple of days and not liking how I felt in it):



Pattern: Lace Wrap Sweaterbabe #112

Yarn: Brooks Farm Mas Acero

Needles: US 7

I love the yarn --gorgeous, drapey stuff. And I like the IDEA of the pattern. It just didn't really work on me. Honestly.

But I can still grab a cat when necessary:


And hold it, too:


See, the problem is it slides off my shoulders at just the wrong times. And when fastened differently (it won't just hang open, not on my frame), it makes my hips look HYOOGE:


Those are not my hips! I don't know what they are!


Hello, WTF with the break in color at the mid-tricep? I have no idea.

Now, I have normal body issues about normal body parts, but one thing I'm sure of is this: my hips are not too big. Nor would I mind if they were. I'd love to take some padding off other parts and put it on my hips. This sweater is lying, and I don't like untrustworthy sweaters.

I'm not pleased. But that's okay. There is more yarn in the world, and I have some of it. More to follow.

And just for fun, you know you're in the Bay Area when a guy is up a pole...


...with his desk.


Oh, Albany Bulb, I love you.


I think your sweater looks fine but if you don't like it you may as well frog it now and use that beautiful yarn for something you will LOVE. It makes me feel so good to pull out a sweater that doesn't work for me and have all that yarn in my stash again (it makes my husband think I'm crazy). I remember seeing my mother knit right from the sweater she was frogging...not even winding it into a ball first! By the way, just finished your book and loved it...met you at MS&W where my sister was working for Otto and Joanne and had her Lawre's Laine bags.

Higher learning?

The sweater shouldn't be wearing the person . . . this one seems to be doing that. I see more knitting in your future ;-)

Sweetie, you look beautiful in the sweater, really! When something acts up like sliding off my shoulder, I try running a little cord elastic through it. I have this pattern and have not made it yet so I don't know if that is possible, but worth a try.

Good luck with it.

Yeah, I think I looked at that pattern and said "Hmmm, I love it, but it will not look so good on me." At least the knitting is pretty!

Well, it's still pretty enough that I'm immediately noting that pattern for possible future use. But I see the problem; even in the first photo it looks a little uncomfortably wide and slippy-offy. I'm thinking either the neck needs to be narrowed a bit, or the ties need to be a bit higher up, or both.

At first I thought the pole-sitter had a guitar, and somehow that seemed closer to normal. But a desk? Is "Why?" a stupid question?

As to the sweater, well, sometimes things don't work out. Hope you had fun knitting it; maybe you can find someone else it wouldn't lie to.

ha! love that guy. And yes, the sweater has a few issues. Giant triangles should not live on our hips.....

"This sweater is lying" - that's enough reason for me to banish it! There are too many things in life that can lie to you, a sweater you just made should NOT be one of them. ;-)

I really like the sweater, in fact I think it's beautiful, but you're right - it doesn't fit you well at all. You are so NOT a big girl and that sweater looks like it would fit a big girl! :) So sorry that happened! It totally sucks when the fit and size is all wrong after all the work that is put into it.

Well... you're right. There is something in that cardi that is too much. Maybe on a simple white night gown? And i would leave it open... what do you think?

And i love the pictures of the guy. As an ergonomist, that kind of pictures talks a lot for me!! ha ha ha!!!
Have a nice week-end!

One of the most important things I was ever told about clothing is that you should wear what makes you feel good. Obviously this sweater does not, despite the pretty yarn. So don't wear it and don't feel bad about it! Reuse the yarn if you want, or gift it to someone who was born hipless and needs the extra oomph. :)

Also, beautiful cat. Loves me some Basement Cat.

Hm. Yeah, that hem is kinda odd. Perhaps tweaking the design for an allover handkerchief bottom, say 4 or 6 points I think might give you the hip-illusion yer looking for without the "whoajeez, epic hips!" look.

But I also tweak nearly every design I come across, so it's just a random thought. Or maybe put the pointy bits @ the back so it's like a swallowtail coat...? *wanders off with a notebook & pencil, muttering* lol....

Maybe a belt?

If you're not going to wear it, rip it. Cruel but true. Take charge of your fail.

Have you tried flipping it upside down? Fastening the top layer at the bottom (twisting it) half way up the under layer?

Sadly, I must concur that the sweater is not ideal. Although you, as always, look fabulous.

That sweater would look absolutely gorgeous and irresistable on a pregnant woman. So perhaps don't rip it just yet.
And yes, you do look stunning.

There are parts of that that I like; the sleeves are cute, the lace detailing on the back is great. The wings on the front and the neckline is just wrong somehow. I'd frog the thing. The yarn is too pretty to waste on something you'll never wear.

Wrap sweaters don't work on me, either, Rachael. (Wrap *anything,* for that matter.) I hear you. Auction it for charity?

I would be happy to take that Sweater off your hands and give it a good home in Santa Cruz!

My rule is that if you do not feel awesome wearing it, you really shouldn't buy/keep it. If you are not excited to put it on, you really shouldn't keep it.

Have you been to the SweaterBabe website? Because they posted errata as of 6/16/10. Sorry - I'm not knowledgeable enough to know if their fix will make your sweater fit better.

But I'm with the others - rip it. Even the back looks uncomfortable, like it's riding up because there's so much weight in the handkerchief points at the front, or something.

And that color change on the sleeve ... very odd! That yarn looks like it would rather be a ruana ~

It is a pretty sweater, even if you don't love it. Just think of it as a sweater that hasn't found its person yet. :)

It looks O.K. with it wrapped and tied at the waist. The tie at the neckline option is a definite no. You could tighten up the back of the neckline with a single crochet across it so it won't slip off as much.

I don't know if that is Waylon or Willie, but he is absolutly gorgeous!! He can make any poorly fitting sweater look better!

Looking at the pattern pictures I'll bet you'd look awesome in this sweater if you had shoulders the size of a linebacker. You do not. On the other hand, the knitting itself is beautiful! Happy frogging.

Well I like it and I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands. ;-)

It is a great color and goes wonderfully with your hair.

Beautiful piece of knitting, but, yeah... wrap garments don't work on me either. Since it's all knit up, surely it would be appreciated by some deserving lady on your xmas list?

LOVE the kitteh!

What a beautiful project and you did a great job knitting and finishing it. Maybe the front is supposed to be thrown over the shoulders like a shawl? Anyway, if you don't feel good wearing it, then there you have the answer. If you loved the yarn, then undo it and knit something that you will enjoy. If the yarn was ay-ok, then donate the sweater to someone.

Is that you hiding in that sweater? Crazy sweater, looks like it ought to look great, but you're right, which you already know. Nuts!

And I thought guitar too, or maybe banjo. Something round. I'm with ccr - music seems normal on a pole. Why not?

oh hush - that sweater is cute in a hippy, casual kind of way - you look adorable! Maybe it will grow on you??

I have to agree with the other commenter. This would make a killer pregnancy sweater. Tuck it away and wait. Know that some expecting mom would just love it!

Damn.....Beautiful pattern, georgeous yarn...WTH. Its the kind of pattern I would choose, drapey, fun.....and yet. Its so disappointing when they dont work. In truth, I have yet to do one that works for me. I frog more than any knitter on the planet..Certainly a beautiful garmet, for someone.....

I go by the rule--it'll fit someone! It's going to make a great gift for that broad shouldered someone in your life.

I dragged my husband to the Oakland Fiber and Textile thing on Sunday and bought some lovely yarn and YOUR BOOK!! It is the most fun read I've had in years! Thanks much for mentioning the festival in your blog, and thanks for being such a great writer. You totally told my fantasy!

That sweater was a mistake.
I think that yarn (color, etc.) would only be good for you as a hat, scarf, etc. Not a sweater.

Looks fine to me but it is heartbreaking to knit something you are not happy with. Unless you just love the process.

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