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A Picture is Worth.... July 25, 2010

Please don't anyone admit that they saw Digit doing this:


What Clementine looks like when she's waiting for Lala to get home.


An alternate look: OH SO SAD.


Where Miss Idaho and Clementine wait.


Close up of Miss Idaho while she waits. Her tongue doesn't fit in her mouth.


Our new candelabra (it used to be my mother's -- it makes us feel like we're in the Haunted Mansion):


You see? Spooky:


And now, my darling chickens, I'm off to Orlando! Tuesday I fly to the Romance Writers of America National Convention, and I'm going to have so much FUN. For the first time, I'm only taking the iPad. I'll let you know how that goes. I'm not planning on having much time for writing, and built that into my schedule, and I can check email on my phone, so even if I'm a bit cut-off, that will be all right. I'll take photos! You know I LOVE this convention, so I'll share what I learned when I get home...


I promise I won't tell, Digit! We're kind of having the same situation here. My dd is home from college for the summer, with her cat. The resident cats are not impressed, but he's having the time of his life, getting to go outside for the first time. It's getting better. He can jump up on the cat tree with Zoe (the younger female), but not Caliope (the older tortie). And Bert doesn't chase him off when he follows as we do chores in the morning. Not friends yet, but not enemies anymore. There is hope. If Digit can do it, so can my tribe!

I wish I could come see you in Orlando, but I'll be driving up to Tennessee Thursday night instead. Hope you have a terrific time at the conference and a great trip.

Thanks for the pics of your babies. So sweet!

Have fun! It's stinking hot in FL so bring a sexy sundress if you're going outside at all. I guess you'll need a parka indoors with the ac :) The ipad should be just perfect for your trip so don't worry.

Happy travels!

I like Clementine's waiting pose.

My dog's tongue doesn't fit in his mouth either. We nearly bought him a bandanna embroidered with: "I can't hold my licker."


Woo-hoo, Orlando! And yay for cute pet photos too.

Love your furbabies.

And Digit will simply say you photoshop'd it. ;-)

Enjoy your trip

Love all the pictures! Your furbabies are too cute!!

Have a wonderful trip and thank you for sharing your photos! Made me smile and chuckle a wee bit :)

love love love the pet pictures! my dog's tounge does not fit into her mouth either...what's up with that!!?? enjoy your trip honey!

Clementine says "You are supposed to fix this situation, thank you."

Happy Trails and good for Digit, looking/acting normal, fake it 'til you make it, Dig'.

I love the colours in these photographs. I wish I could produce something similar.

My boy Digit! He's just an old softie, underneath that tough exterior.

I saw nothing, Digit, it did not happen! Clementine, on the other hand -- the photo of her on the chair, with her chin resting over the back of the chair, looking out the window: it would be completely heartbreaking if I didn't know that Lala would probably be home soon and would then likely spoil Clem rotten.

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