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For Fear the Hearts of Men are FailingJuly 7, 2010

Hey! Remember two posts ago, when I told you about the show that made me feel old (but was so fun anyway)? Here's video proof! You can watch those kids start to dance! (Plus Lala's great on the bass.) I'm knitting somewhere, invisible to the camera.



Rachael! These kids could be my grandchildren, and what a treat to see them having FUN! And yes, Lala is wonderful on bass, and you are wonderful for sharing this! Gave this old lady a big smile!

Oh I love it!

Interesting for so many reasons! And I love that you're off in the back knitting somwhere. Now THAT is punk!

OMG - I DO remember having that much energy. That's what getting old is all about - I don't have to DO all those things I used to do - I just remember them pleasantly. Although that had me tapping my feet like crazy. Thanks.
Nancy FP

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