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Lala Shows HeroismJuly 8, 2010

in the face of terror. From an email:

I was attacked by a bee and am injured. I was sitting on the swing and a bee came along - just a regular bee, not a wasp but not a bumblebee. And Miss Idaho spotted it and I was afraid she was going to bite it, which would have been bad. So I was trying to get the bee away from her, and it flew right in front of my face. So I got up to go inside in a rapid fashion, and tripped on the torn fabric from the swing, and tripped and landed on my knee, which hurts a lot. It's gonna be one of those big bruises that stays for months. Ow.

She does not like bees. (And while this is very sad AND HEROIC DON'T FORGET THE HEROISM, it is also very funny.)


Someday, somewhere, she will actually get stung by a bee and realize that all the physical pain and mental trauma she's endured trying to get away from them was about a thousand times worse than the actual sting.

I, too, am terrified by bees. I can soooo completely empathize with Lala here!

Very Heroic! I've only been stung twice - once very young (2-3), when I stepped on the poor thing while picking flowers barefooted on the lawn, once when I was driving home, massively pregnant with the 2nd child (now 24), by a bee (I think) that flew in the open window, hit my chest and stung me. I nearly had a panic attack. Much prefer the bees to the wasps that can sting and sting and sting...

Lala is so hilarious. AND SUCH A HERO. :) The wind beneath our bee stings? :)

Ah! Heroism at it's best! Go Lala :)


Oh, poor Lala. Go get some dit da jow (from a martial arts supply) and put it on that bruise and it will go away really fast.

To Lala, I understand the bee fear - but (as little sis says), the anxiety of trying to get the bee away is really much worse. You need to train yourself to be a little more zen about those bees. I've been keeping (hah! - they do whatever they want) bees for about eight years and in the beginning it was hard to make myself NOT MOVE when a bee is flying near or landing on me. They are usually just curious and will move along to the next thing. The worst thing that you can do is wave your arms around like a windmill and scream. They perceive that as a threat and will do what they do to threats.

Also, think of the dog snapping at the bee as a learning experience for the dog. My Rott mix does snap at bees occasionally and for a short time he "learns", but he has never had a bad physical reaction during the "learning" (or relearning) process.

No way peoples! Bees are terrifying! I'm right there with Lala.

Of course, I'm also allergic. Nothing like something that hurts like a bitch and THEN makes you swell up like a balloon. Serious insult to injury there.

I am NOT laughing my ass off.

And am perhaps lying.

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