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Oh, My Creaky BonesJuly 2, 2010

Well, howdy! We just got home from a punk show at Nabolom bakery where Lala played music that the kids freaked out and danced to. And when I say kids, I mean the 20 year-olds who comprised the audience and many of the other bands. My friends were all sitting in a row, and one young gal looked at them and said (audibly) to her friend, "It's interesting to see how we'll turn out." She was lucky she said it in a nice, actually interested voice, or Kris might have had WORDS to say about POLITENESS, YOUNG LADY.

And Lala wore one of her favorite shirts which says, "I guess I was punk once." The shirt was a hyooge hit, to the point where at the end, one young queer punk came up to her and said with a voice of utter admiration, "I think I'm going to be like you in twenty years." I started laughing behind her, but she was very nice and said, "Well, I guess I was like you, twenty years ago."

I'm thirty-seven, people! (Oh! Thirty-eight on Monday.) Lala isn't much older! (See, how tactful I am? Kids, take a lesson! And get offa my lawn!) All my friends lament about how young the kids are today, but I'd never felt it until tonight. Good lord. The ENERGY. And the cuteness! The earnestness! (Okay, I'm still pretty earnest. But I can't dance like that. Maybe I never could.)

It was when Lala was in her car searching for sunscreen to give to the circus punks who played accordion and washboard that I mentioned that she was in danger of becoming the band mom. "Too late!" she cried. "Did you see how burned they were?"

But the very nice thing about playing a show in a co-op bakery? Free challah and other pastries. Also, no one was a drunk jackass.

And now, completely unrelated, a very short video of my nephew Isaac, who is learning baby sign -- he knows please, and thank you, and I love you. That last is signed by crossing your arms over your chest, and he does a modified version, seen here:


Sounds like a good time was had by all. And I never feel quite so old as when I am surrounded by first year undergrads. And any day now they will have been born the year I graduated from high school, which is when I also officially give up and stop thinking about it anymore!

I saw those sunburns, too!

I had planned to come but was unable to get out the door in time--thank God, as it turns out, since I'm 19 years older than you! Glad the show went well and am looking forward to seeing the band one of these days (they need to schedule a Happy Hour show for us oldsters.....).

The earnest/energy just keeps getting more pronounced (just turned 50 - you whippersnapper). Isaac is a doll.

OMG! I love him too!

it's hard for me to go to shows anymore - i turned 50 this year. but on that note, my hair is still flaming red, i dress like a freak compared to most and well, i got that tattoo thing going on. at least i'll be interesting in the retirement home ;)

Happy birthday on Monday, Rachael. And many more! And have a fun Fourth.

I am spending the weekend with recent college grads and feeling decidedly middle-aged!

SUCH a cute baby!

BTW, I think you are right, that sweater from your last entry was NOT flattering to you. Sometimes you just gotta pass a sweater on... :)

Such cute young'uns! All of them, especially Isaac.

Happy Birthday Monday!

Why do young people have to be so divisive. Can't we just all get along. It makes me glad that I'm mostly a hermit. If I was in a situation like that, I would have to be on IV Prozac. I can't even stand when the guy at the pizza place calls me "dear" - I want to say to him "With antlers or without"(!)?

Lala plays upright bass?

I am so jealous!

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