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Squee! July 13, 2010

I have GOT to tell you about this.

I've been asked to be Miss September in a knitting pinup calendar.

(I just sat here and looked at that sentence for a while. I never thought I'd write anything that awesome.)

It's being being produced by Steph Whiteside (you might know her as QuirkyKnitGirl's Ivy) & The Gray Lady Artists Collective, and they're fundraising for backing right now over at Kickstarter. Here's how it works: If you pledge $20 to help them reach their $3000 goal, then you get a copy of the calendar when it comes out (you're not charged until they reach their goal, when everyone is on board). $25 gets you a signed calendar, $30 gets you a copy of the calendar and a 5X7 of the pinup of your choice (more at the site).

From the site, "We're a group of knitters who decided to show the world that knitting can be sexy! We're all real knitters and real people in all shapes and sizes." I love that! Yay knitters!

I got the chance to ask Ivy a couple of questions and thought you might like to hear the answers.

1. What inspired this idea? 

I was inspired by this because I realized one day that, you know, I spend a lot of time in a world and culture that tells me that people who knit and craft and do otherwise domestic things are really boring and unsexy. Now, I also spend a lot of time with some pretty amazingly talented and hot knitters and crafters, so I know that's not true--but it seems a shame to have that stay a secret. I mentioned the idea to a few people, and they all loved it, so I sort of tossed it around for a while. Then I met Erin, who is the photographer and owner of the Gray Lady Artists Collective, which is a new artists collective based in Oakland, and she thought it was a great idea as well, so things just took off from there. I'm super excited to get going on this, and bring the sexy side of knitting to the public.

2. What makes knitting sexy?

For me, knitting and crafting is a very sensual experience. Not necessarily in the way that people automatically think of the word, but in the true sense--when I'm knitting, it's all about the color of the yarn, the feel of the fiber and needles. It's very much grounded in feeling and being with your senses, that kind of experience.

Plus, I mean come on. We take sticks and string and then we make CLOTHES. How cool is that?

Me, I'm just sitting around trying to decide what sweater I should wear. Miss September! It is ridiculous that I'm so excited about this.


That is seriously cool! Might just have to contribute my $20. ;-)

Hubba Hubba!

Yay! You'll make a fantastic Miss September!

I vote for the cardigan - I've forgotten its name - with the wide lace bands :-)

Sounds like fun. Keep us posted.

That is just the best!

excited for you.
how do we pledge/buy a calendar?

I think you were a Vargas girl in a past life. :) Can't wait to see the calendar!

That is beyond cool. That's HOT!

So, Rachael, will you be wearing anything else, besides the sweater, a la the Calendar Girls?

BTW, thanks so much for the autographed copy of HTKALS! I love the book and eagerly await Abigail's further adventures. Of course, I already had a copy (one of the first available on Amazon), so I donated it (my original, not the one with your inscription!!) to the raffle at Knitting Camp, which benefits the Scholarship fund. It was one of the most popular items entered!

It's so exciting to have you! I am so looking forward to getting to highlight all the gorgeous knitters we have!

What a fantastic project - and September is THE most glorious month of all. Congratulations. I can't wait to see it.

This is the only image I could find of the classic pin-up knitter. (sorry it is small). Any wip's eligible?


This is made of awesome. And September is *totally* the best month.

That is so great. You are perfect for it, with your little bangs! Awesome idea, and I am not surprised at all that you would be picked. Make sure you blog the photo shoot experience for us!

Go Miss September! That's Awesome.

Do you think LaLa could do a remake of Jason Aldean's Tractor song? "She thinks my knittin's sexy. It really turns her on. She's always starin' at me, while I'm knittin' along." ;)

That is totally cool. Have fun with it!

you're gonna be a perfect miss september (one of my favorite months!), with your victory curls! i pledged my $20 and am anxiously awaiting my knitty kitties!

this is beyond fantastic!
can't wait to get an update!

How awesome!

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